Jason Whitlock: ‘OBJ to LA would be a disaster’

– Be happy. Eric Dickerson will be happy.

– I didn’t say I’d be happy.

– Lawrence McCutcheon would be happy.

– I ain’t happy.

– Isaiah Robert, Jack Youngblood would be happy.

– Let me tell you what would made me happy. I’m going to, let me just go with it. You know what would make me happy?

– What?

– Pay Aaron Donald first. That would make me happy.

– Why wasn’t you saying that when they signed Ndamukong Suh?

– Because it’s a one-year deal. Paid, they should have paid this man last year. Pay him. Then if you want to sign him, cool. Pay Aaron Donald first.

– First of all, let me, give my opinion.

– OK, come on, come on.

– OBJ to LA would be a disaster. And it again, it speaks to, as I said earlier in the week, McVay’s arrogance. He thinks he can coach any and everybody. He thinks he can get 100 yards out of you, Eric, and you’re damn near 60. He couldn’t happen.

– Why you keep throwing my age out there? I’m 29, man, what’s wrong with you?

– It’s arrogance, and it would be a disaster for OBJ to end up in LA. He’s already Hollywood enough in New York. He would be a fool out here in Los Angeles.

– Well listen, and he has to understand that Todd Gurley going to get 20, 25 touches.

– There you go.

– Cooper Kupp going to get about three to five touches. Robert Woods going to get five to seven touches. So what’s left for Odell? He ain’t getting them same touches.

– In his mind he is.

– In his mind. Look, we had the number one scoring offense in the National Football League last year. We don’t need him. I mean, I like him, don’t get me wrong. But we don’t need him. We need somebody stop the run. That’s what hurt us last year. We couldn’t stop nobody. And who do you sign? Aaron Donald, I’m going to say it again. Sign my man.

– Pay that man.

– Pay that man.

– Pay that man.

– Hey, Eric, you were talking stuff over Twitter when I made the point about McVay being arrogant.

– Let’s go back to that too. He’s not, it’s not arrogant, look.

– All this, bring on all OBJ, bring on Ndamukong Suh. Bring on Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib. I can coach everybody. I can coach every problem child in the NFL.

– It’s not about the problem.

That’s arrogance, Eric.

– That’s not arrogance. That’s what you believe. Look, you want to get the best players you can possibly have. It’s not like, you know what? I want to get a guy because he’s a good old locker room guy. He lifts a lot. I ain’t trying to hear that. But he can’t play worth a damn. I need some players out here, some guys can play. I need some dogs that bite. [INTERPOSING VOICES] This dog bites. Not dog licks.

– Eric, Eric, you’re scarred, justifiably, you’re scarred.

I’m not scarred.

– I grew up in Indianapolis. Eric played for the Colts when they had nobody except for Eric Dickerson. They had a pretty good center, Ray Donaldson. And they had Jack Trudeau, Gary Hogeboom. I can’t remember who the quarterbacks were. And so Eric is scarred by that. But–

– I am scarred, that’s true.

– In reality, Eric, you need a few Eric Dickersons, and then you need the locker room guys. And LA, the, Rams they have enough. They’ve added too much to this pot. They already got it with Todd Gurley. They got the tackle, Andrew Whitworth. They got Aaron Donald. They had the pieces, now they, to me they’ve just gone overboard in trying to put together an All-Star team.

No they have not. You know–

– You ever seen the movie “The Longest Yard?”

– Yes, I have.

– That’s what y’all trying to put together.

– No, no, did they win the game?

– They did win.

– There we go. They won. That’s all that count. You got to have the right pieces in place. Look, I’m with you. I don’t think we need Odell. I don’t think we need him. But all the other pieces we need. Look, I think Philadelphia won the Super Bowl because of what, they had depth on defense.

We’re not deep enough. We don’t, our offensive line is good, but we need more players. We hurting at linebacker. You got to get those pieces there first. We don’t need a receiver. If you said we need Odell, do you say we need Odell? Yes or no?

– No.

– I agree, I don’t. I don’t think we need Odell. Because one thing that’s going to happen, this is going to become a media circus. They going to going, boy, I can’t wait to get to LA to talk to Odell. I can’t wait to out there and talk to Odell.

– Do you read your own tweets? You’re the ring leader of the circus.

– I did not say we need Odell. I don’t say we need Odell.

– Everything else you cosign for everything–

– I like the Marcus Peters deal. I like the Suh deal. I like the Talib. I like all those. And you saying he’s arrogant. He’s not arrogant.

– Also for what he’s asking, I don’t know if it’s worth that. He want $20 million a year.

– He wants to be the highest paid.

– He want to be the highest paid. I don’t know, especially with all the off the field stuff.

– And I wanted to have a Jheri curl again.

– Eric was the same way when he played.

Man, no, don’t listen to him.

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