Jason Whitlock explains why the Dallas Cowboys are the most dangerous playoff contender

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, to you, who’s a more dangerous and realistic playoff contender Seattle or Dallas?

JASON WHITLOCK: Cowboys. Cowboys. Look, Seattle’s too beat up.

COLIN COWHERD: And they’re not unified.

JASON WHITLOCK: They’re too beat up and they just got clown suited last week in embarrassing fashion. That told a story. Dallas, with the Zeke coming back, I think they’re going to run the ball this week. And yeah, they’ve got a real shot. I would not want to see the Cowboys if I’m in the playoffs.

COLIN COWHERD: Listen, one thing that’s underrated in the NFL and nobody talks about it, which is remarkable considering the game is, health. Dallas is now the healthiest team in the NFC. Rams just lost a safety and a linebacker– or the kicker. Saints lost a safety, linebacker. Eagles have a million injuries. Vikings running back, quarterback.

Dallas has everybody back. Now, Ty Smith, the left tackle, is questionable for Sunday. But Dallas has unity, they have health, they got their star running back. Seattle can’t run the football. I– to me, Dallas is in a really, really good spot. And they face– they face two teams in Seattle and Philly that have some major injury problems.

JASON WHITLOCK: Let me tell you how bad things are in Seattle, Houshmandzadeh, at his age, would be their number two receiver.

TJ: Outta be their best receiver. Doug Baldwin.

SETH JOHNSON: I got a pick.


– Neither one of them because ain’t either one of them going make the playoffs. Neither one of. I’m not afraid of either one of them because neither one of these teams will make the playoffs.

The two wildcard teams will come out of the south. OK? I know they have to play each other and whatnot but they’re all– all of those teams are at least one game up on Dallas. So if they all split–

JASON WHITLOCK: All right, we’ll give you that point. Now, decide between these two. If one of them backs into the playoffs.


TJ: Oh, it’s easy the Cowboys are going to make the playoffs and they’re going do well. They’re gonna–

– They’re going to make the playoffs?

– They’re gonna stomp Seattle out. Russell Wilson is Seattle’s leading rusher, that’s a problem. That’s a problem.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, all they need is Detroit to lose to Cincy.

– Ezekiel Elliot made a cardinal mistake the other day.

TJ: And what’s that?

– He told Eric Dickerson he was going to run for 200 yards in Seattle. watch what happens.

– He might not do that but he gonna run for over 100.

– Watch what happens.

– Seattle was– they got– they have a lot of problems.

JASON WHITLOCK: You thinking of the old Legion of Boom.

SETH JOHNSON: Man let me tell you something. They are still– they might not be what they were but one thing they do have is they still got some pride. And for a guy to come out and put some bulletin board material out there talking about he gonna run for 200 yards. OK, we’ll see.

TJ: I always hate it when old bulletin board material. You’re going to play hard, regardless. Oh, you said you gonna be guaranteed a win. That’s going to make you play harder, you’re going to play hard, regardless.

SETH JOHNSON: There’s nothing like making somebody eat crow though. You– I mean, I wish somebody back in our day would have came out talking about oh, we going to run for 200 yards against you. You gonna get your leg broke, that’s what’s going to happen.

– Seattle gonna get stomped out this game.

– I agree with you, TJ.

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