Jason McIntyre: John Elway and the Broncos should be ‘devastated’ by losing out on Kirk Cousins

– All right, J-Mac– should Elway be upset he’s missing out on Cousins?

– Upset? I don’t think that’s the right word. I’m thinking more along the lines of devastated.

He should be on his hands and knees to Kirk Cousins– we need you. Do you remember what happened when they got Peyton Manning? They won a Super Bowl. And Peyton Manning was not even great that year. We can agree, right, he fell off a cliff.

They need Kirk Cousins. I know, I’ve seen the negative stuff about, hey man, this guy doesn’t beat winning teams. Let me just quickly remind you what happened in Washington last year. He lost DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. He lost Jordan Reed to concussions.

His offensive line lost 57 games– sixth most in the league– to injuries. What did he do? He goes out, throws for 4,000 yards, 27 touchdowns– tied for first in the NFL in game winning drives, with four. I’m telling you, Colin, Kirk Cousins is so undervalued right now.

And the last point, against playoff teams– they faced five playoff teams last year. The defense gave up 33 points a game in those meetings. Kirk Cousins had no chance last year in Washington. I think the Broncos need him. I think the Vikings, the Browns, somebody is going to pay this guy $30 million and get him.

COLIN COWHERD: You know what, I think John Elway is saying– because the New York Giants– the reports keep saying, we don’t want a quarterback. Because the Giants, remember, bailed on Eli– bad press. The Giants, this old blueblood, didn’t like it. And they didn’t like the negativity– the Mara family. They’re saying now, we’re going to keep Eli.

What does that mean? Darnold or Rosen are available. What has John Elway always liked? He went after Peyton Manning– big brain. What is John Elway? Stanford, big brain. Where did he get Trevor Siemian? Northwestern, private school.

Who in this draft does Elway see? Josh Rosen, UCLA. Josh Rosen, like Elway, little chatty.

Remember when John Elway came into the league? I’m not going there. I’m not going there. I’ll go to baseball.

I think John Elway sees Josh Rosen, reads what he hears from the tea leaves on the Giants– and he’s like, I’m going to get Darnold or Rosen. And I think it’s Rosen. And I relate to him. I think he sees Rosen as Denver’s future.

– Here’s my only thing– number one, don’t be surprised if the Giants are sending smokescreens.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: I mean, saying they don’t want a quarterback, and all that. They might just be putting that out there.

Number two, this article– and it was just pure speculation. It wasn’t like there were any sources, unless it just came totally from the agent of Cousins– and saying, it’s going to be these two teams. The article was speculation, that Cousins isn’t going to visit four teams, so I think he’ll end up in the Jets– or Minnesota, it’ll come down to.

So I don’t think Denver is out of it. And I’m with you, I do think they need to be all in. I think Minnesota is the best choice for Cousins. But I think Denver is right there at number two. And like you said, I think Elway needs to be all in on trying to get him.

ERIC DICKERSON: Well, I think John Elway should be upset with John Elway. Because you’re talking about a football team that had Peyton Manning. But they didn’t they didn’t have a backup. They had no backup plan. When Manning left, they had Osweiler– and, OK, we can let him go, We had nobody. So I think that when you look at this football team, this is not the same defense that it was–


– –three years ago.

COLIN COWHERD: –it’s over.

ERIC DICKERSON: Thank you. It’s like that Seahawks defense– it’s getting older. So it’s not as appealing as it was before.

– Yeah. Minnesota is young.

– Minnesota is young. They got a young running back, Dalvin Cook. They got young receivers. I think that’s the team that like, hey, this is the guy that we’re missing. And one thing playing at Minnesota– that is a true home game– in Denver, too. But not like Minnesota is.

– I just worry, Eric. In Denver, you’re looking at the rest of the division. The Raiders are set with Carr for the future. The Chiefs are going at all in on Mahomes. The Chargers have Rivers for a few more years. What does Denver have? They’ve got nothing at quarterback.

Colin, I know you love Elway. He whiffed badly on Brock. He whiffed badly on Paxton Lynch. You really have confidence that Josh Rosen is going to be there? You’re willing to–

– No, listen, I–

– –punt on Kirk Cousins?

– I like Kirk Cousins. I don’t like him at $30 large a year. Like, Minnesota has built this defense. Mike Zimmer was quoted like two weeks ago saying, listen, this is a good defense. We can’t keep all of it if you pay a quarterback $30 million. I like Kirk Cousins. He is a complimentary quarterback.

By the way, offensive line issues. They lost their running back. Well, his numbers came down. They weren’t competitive during the season.

Like, to me there’s about six guys on the planet I’ll pay whatever the market is. He’s not one of them.


– He’s just not.

ERIC DICKERSON: I agree, he’s not one of those guys.

– Big Ben, Rodgers, Brady, Russell Wilson, Luck. The rest of them, I’m going to negotiate down.

– So do you like– I mean, try to draft a quarterback? Even if you do draft a quarterback, what about getting Teddy Bridgewater in Denver? I think he should be the plan B for both Minnesota and Denver, if you can’t get Cousins.

– I like him. You know–

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I mean, who else is out there?

– The advantage to that is, Teddy’s not a big strong guy. You’re going to be playing in Vegas– warm weather. LA Chargers– warm weather. One road game a year in Kansas City. Denver, by the way, you think it’s a snowy market. They don’t play in snow much, actually.


– I don’t want Teddy in a northern market– Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Chicago. I don’t think he has the arm strength to stretch the field. Denver would be OK.

– Cousins is a Midwest guy– played at Michigan State. He can handle these weather issues that you’ve got, Colin. I just cannot believe Kirk Cousins gets into the playoffs– that rotten franchise with the terrible owner. They ditch his wide receivers. His offensive line’s crushed. 4,000 yards, 27 TDs– it’s still not good enough for you, huh? You’re never going to come around on Kirk Cousins.

– He’s good. I don’t think he’s great. $30 million a year is for the great guys.

– The salary cap’s going up, Cowherd.


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