Impact of Braves young stars

– It’s pretty cool, right? I mean, you’ve got Acuna you’ve got Albies and bright young stars right in front of us. But now, Albies has eight home runs. Who expected that? I’m just curious, what is the ceiling for these guys? I’m really thinking long term here.

DONTRELLE WILLIS: Honestly, they can be in line as Correa and Altuve. They are that talented. They have speed, swagger, and power, and you have them this young, so you going to control them for a very long time. And in that ballpark, like Atlanta, they’re going to be able to charge in a lot of balls. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw 25 plus home runs from both of these guys. These guys are studs and they’re playing in a good situation where they understand that they’re going to get a lot of chances to go out there and fail. They’re going to wear a lot of chains and they’re going to have a lot of fun. This is going to be a time for the group.

A.J. PIERZYNSKI: You love the chains. So you’re saying 25 homers each for them this year?

DONTRELLE WILLIS: Easy, killer. I’m saying they will grow into that. They will grow into that. But they’re talented though.

– Albies has eight already. I mean, but that’s a legit– I mean, saying that they could be Altuve and Correa, that’s a big– Not saying they’re going to be there right yet, but that’s pretty big.

A.J. PIERZYNSKI: No, they’re talented. They’re super. Both these guys the Braves have been waiting on for a few years. They are off the charts talented and they’re good kids.


A.J. PIERZYNSKI: They’re both really good kids. They work their butts off. They both want to be great. That’s the thing, and Albies– I was around Albies more than I was around Acuna when I played for the Braves. Man, this kid just loves playing. He was that guy that got called up at spring training–

DONTRELLE WILLIS: That’s like Altuve. They love the game.

A.J. PIERZYNSKI: Albies would get called up at spring training, he was just happy to be there, man. You go from meeting the minor league spread, you get that big league spread, he’s got–

DONTRELLE WILLIS: That Peter Pan peanut butter, man.

A.J. PIERZYNSKI: He’s got that big smile on his face, he’s got the four chains on, he’s bouncing around the clubhouse. These kids are just excited to be there and it brings an energy to the old guys like Freddie Freeman, that old man Freddie Freeman, like 27 years old. You know it brings an energy and a different feeling and when these guys come in and you see the smile their face and they walk into these parks, and they’re like, it’s my first day in this ballpark, it’s so cool. It just changes things for you as an older guy. And these two are going to be superstars in this league. I went Frank Thomas, superstar, they’re going to be superstar in this league because they have talent, work ethic, and they have fun, and they have a different energy about them.

– So here’s how good Anthony Masterson is, our researcher. I was just thinking, I know this kid didn’t hit a lot of home runs in the minor leagues. He chimes in, he says, he had nine home runs last year. It’s the most he had in any year in the minors. He’s got eight already. He’s got eight.

A.J. PIERZYNSKI: Balls are juiced.

DONTRELLE WILLIS: The big league bats a better too.

A.J. PIERZYNSKI: The balls are juiced.

– By the way, so Willis, you get Peter Pan and what do you get, Skippy and–

DONTRELLE WILLIS: It’s spread better in the big leagues, man. There’s something about that fruit and that peanut butter, looking how that spread.

A.J. PIERZYNSKI: He’s right.

– You know what kind of peanut butter get here at Fox?


– You get none.

A.J. PIERZYNSKI: You get Apple Pay.

– That’s from you, that’s right.

DONTRELLE WILLIS: I love Fox. I love it. I don’t know what these guys are talking about.

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