Here’s why Colin is comparing Lonzo Ball to Jason Kidd

– So I want to shift gears to this. Last night was a huge NBA night. Most noteworthy was Lonzo Ball– a baby– facing John Wall, an 8-year, great NBA player. So if I give you the numbers last night, you say to yourself, well, John Wall, 18 points, uh When I look at those two numbers, expectations, Lonzo Ball had the better night. Now you’re saying, that’s crazy!

John Wall has been in this league eight years. He still can’t shoot. He was 1 for 10 in the fourth and over time. He was a number-one pick. John Wall, for moments in this game, was barely engaged. He was terrible, late. He’s increasingly unreliable, late in games, although a marvelous talent. When you look at those numbers, you say to yourself, oh Lonzo, really got worked!

Lonzo is now averaging nine rebounds and nine assists, a game. He is already an elite rebounder and an elite distributor, in this league. And the Lakers’ points-to-assists ratio has improved under Lonzo Ball, so he’s improving the culture. And Lonzo’s team won.

Listen, Lonzo Ball is not going to win, at 19, a lot of these statistical matchups. He is a wildly inconsistent shooter. But eight years into his career, if Lonzo Ball is giving you a 1 for 5 on threes, and a 1 for 10 in the fourth and overtime, he will have failed.

You can just look at the raw stats. John Wall went 7 for 22, was awful late, was disengaged early, and his team– a huge favorite– lost. So who had the bad night?

Like, I think Lonzo Ball is trending very nicely to Jason Kidd, who couldn’t shoot, his first several years in the league. Lonzo is going to end up averaging about 11, 12 points a game, nine rebounds, nine assists, and change a culture. That’s fantastic, when you consider expectations.

And by the way, John Wall is loved by the media. Last year, I had him fourth in my MVP voting, I thought he had his best year. But what are expectations? John Wall came in, bad night shooting, awful late, team lost, that’s– the loser is John Wall.

Lonzo Ball’s team won. And he is trending nicely, to exactly what we thought he would be, long, rebounder, assist guy, changing culture, with an inconsistent shot. And Lonzo, by the end of the game, wasn’t even He’s like, hey, I got other guys. I got KCP, I got Brandon Ingram, I got other guys here. They can hit shots.

So that was my takeaway in the game last night. You’re going to say, Wall worked Ball. And I’m like, no, the winner was– the winner was Lonzo Ball. That was a nice night for Lonzo Ball, and he is trending to a very, very early reminiscent style of Jason Kidd. This is a lot of Jason Kidd, early, couldn’t shoot tough, stocky, rebound, assists, attack. I like what I saw from Lonzo.

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