Greg Jennings: Patriots being called for only one penalty is ‘a credit to their coaching’

– Wah, wah. Jacksonville a victim of poor officiating?

– I think they were a victim–

– Ohhh–

– –of poor officiating–

– –foo.

– –but not for the reasons they’re talking about. I didn’t have any problems with the six flags on Jacksonville, the one flag on the Patriots. But they’re also a victim, to me, the reason they’re a victim, of their own stupidity. Again, the Patriots conduct themselves all week in a way that curries favor with the officials.

Again, if you want to be the loud team that is braggadocious or whatever, don’t expect a group of 50-year-old men of any color to cut you some slack, because when you get to be 50, 55 years old, you’re kind of set in your ways, you’ve figured out life, and all that running your mouth to Jalen Ramsey and all this in-your-face and all the celebration and all the stuff that the Patriots do less than every other team because it plays well with the officiating crew.

– You know why Jacksonville had more penalties? I’m gonna show you a graph. And the graph’s gonna show you aggressive, great defenses, Ravens, Bears, Seahawks, in their championship games. They had more penalties in all of them. Jacksonville is the Seahawks, the Ravens, and the Bears.

COMMENTATOR: It’s the one penalty that’s the problem.

COMMENTATOR: Yeah, but again–

COMMENTATOR: People don’t play perfect games.

COMMENTATOR: –but all three of those teams known for defense are hyperaggressive–


COMMENTATOR: –and hyperaggressive teams get more penalties.

COMMENTATOR: I get their penalties.


COMMENTATOR: One on the Patriots.

COMMENTATOR: –what if the Patriots had two more, an offsides. Oh, wait, they never are.

– A holding. Everybody holds in this league.

– How many holding penalties did Jacksonville have? They got–

– They had six penalties.

– –pass interference penalties. Their penalties, by the way, were aggressive penalties. They weren’t holding–

– I blame Jacksonville more than anybody for being the victim. You can create your own victimhood. And I just– they don’t carry–

– What’s your look? You’re looking at me like, oh, boy.

– I mean, no. I just– when I look at this, penalties are penalty– the one penalty on the New England Patriots, that’s a credit to their coaching. You can say, OK, were they beneficiaries of the officiating? Yeah, because they play within their– they out-think you. If you’re–

COMMENTATOR: I agree with that.

– –they out-think you every single time you’re on the field from the first quarter to the fourth. But when it comes to knocking off a champ, you gotta show me that you gonna knock them out. Bottom line, if I’m in the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather and you three are the judges, and I hit him and I knock him around for two, three, four, rounds, yeah, that’s great, but until I hit him on the– put him on the canvas, then I got your attention.

Until you continue to knock the New England Patriots out in the fourth quarter, where they tend to knock you around, you’re never gonna slide the refs on your side. I mean, it– yeah, the ref said congratulations. He’s been doing this for Tom Brady–

COMMENTATOR: It’s bad optics.


– It is.

– Well, it’s because it’s Tom Brady so it gets picked up. I’ve had a lot of games, especially as I got older, you get to know these refs. I bet Tom’s known this guy for a long time. I’ve had so many refs come up to me after a game, especially as I got older, saying, hey, good game, Tone, good luck to you, great career, yada, yada. So that is no big deal. Get over that. That’s a conspiracy theory.

But as far as the penalties, I don’t have a problem with that. First of all, I love all the playoff games so far because the best refs are out there. They’re not calling that many flags.

COMMENTATOR: They were yesterday.

– I loved it. I loved it. Let the guys play. There was that one question with AJ Bouye. I get what he’s saying. That was one of those calls that I said, if he called it, I would have been like, oh, OK. If he didn’t call it, oh, OK. It just– he called it.

COMMENTATOR: That’s the hardest call in football.

– That’s a hard call. I don’t have a problem with it. And then the way they handled it, though, him talking about that, that’s the difference between the great teams and the teams that are like that, that braggadocious team. Just get over it. Knock ’em out, like Greg said. Win the game. Take the game when you have control. But you can’t do that.

– There was a stat you told me on my show today which was remarkable. It’s really a remarkable stat. Jacksonville is the only team in the NFL all year to get the ball with 50 seconds left in the half and take a knee.

COMMENTATOR: And two timeout, and take a knee.

– OK, that’s on your coaches.


– You went into that game once you got a lead thinking, let’s play not to lose. New England, when they scored near the end of the half, I kind of was like, oh, boy, here we go. They got outplayed for an hour and a half. New England played more aggressively and more intelligently.

– I’m gonna just say, repeat again, they’re a victim of their own stupidity, and that’s what hurt them with the officiating. But more than that, they were a victim of bad coaching, in my opinion. If they want to be upset about something, the way that Jacksonville ended the half not just with taking the knee, they hurried to the line of scrimmage and got an illegal motion call when the catch was clear and there was no reason to be hurrying.

Then they come out of a timeout and get a delay of game penalty and take away a first down catch. That and taking a knee, those three things at the end of the half is what cost them the game. That’s bad coaching by Doug Marrone. And then the other thing that no one’s talking about, Blake Bortles in the previous two playoff games had run the ball 15 times for like 130 or something like that–

COMMENTATOR: He never ran.

– –and he never ran. Either the Patriots took it away from him or Blake Bortles’ ego got to, I’m gonna outpass Tom Brady. I’m not gonna– because there were a couple opportunities where I thought he should run, set up second and five. Instead, he threw the ball [INAUDIBLE]. And so those are the things that cost them the game.


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