Greg Jennings on Alabama’s National Championship victory over Georgia: ‘This was a spectacular game!’

GREG JENNINGS: This was a spectacular game. This was– this game– this is why I love college football. Because these guys, they play, and anyone who is available who can impact and make plays on the field– a great coach will get them on the field. That’s what Nick Saban did.

So what stood out to me was obviously what stood out to most everyone who was watching this game. You got Jalen Hurts at quarterback starting the game, who is not a pass threat. He’s a heavy run threat. He can throw the ball if the guys are wide open, they’ve created a great amount of separation. But he’s not going to thread the needle. He’s not going to be accurate. That’s not his style. They needed that last night. It was obvious. Georgia was stopping the run.


GREG JENNINGS: They were eliminating everything outside of the trenches. Meaning from tackle to tackle they were eliminating everything. And Nick Saban, at halftime, makes one of the greatest moves at coaching– on the field, at quarterback, with a guy who’s really rendered you only one loss his entire career– in the young, Russell Wilson-esque, Tua– I’m not even going to pronounce his last name–

– Tagovailoa.

GREG JENNINGS: Tagovailoa.

– But we’ll call him Tua.

GREG JENNINGS: I mean, he came in, and it was as if he was a senior that had been sitting back waiting for his chance. You would never know, if they never said, this is a freshman, he’s just been– we would be like, where’s he been all year? For me, if I’m the receivers of Alabama, I want him in the game. Jalen Hurts is a great teammate. We saw how gracious he was, how supporting he was. That was all great.

But this kid– I mean, he made throw after throw, run after run, scramble after scramble. And it was as if he– nothing fazed him. The moment wasn’t too high for him, the stage wasn’t too big. What else stood out was, if I’m Georgia, and I have freshmen competing against me, and I’m in the secondary, and I’m late in this game– I’m going to jump straight to the game, because I thought they should have kept giving the ball to Sony Michel, as well.

CRIS CARTER: Michel didn’t have it last night. Michel should’ve brought them home.

GREG JENNINGS: Give Sony Michel– he had it going– feed him however you can. Feed him. But going to the last play of the game– you’ve got Devonta Smith, freshman. Tua, freshman. And then your secondary, you’re playing cover 2.

CRIS CARTER: The simplest coverage you can play.

GREG JENNINGS: Number one install across the board. I mean, Peewee, they probably put in cover 2.


GREG JENNINGS: I mean, everybody knows this. And you’ve got Dominick Sanders, a senior. And you’ve got Malcolm Parrish.

NICK WRIGHT: 40 starts. You’ve got to combine–


NICK WRIGHT: –93 starts for two seniors.

GREG JENNINGS: Cover 2. And you’ve got two freshmen, a quarterback and a wide receiver–

NICK WRIGHT: –who have never started a single game.

GREG JENNINGS: And you don’t redirect, or you’re not physical at the point–

CRIS CARTER: With no threat to the flat.


CRIS CARTER: So you can be as physical as you want, as deep as you want.

GREG JENNINGS: And you can run with them as long as– there’s nothing coming to you. There’s nothing telling you, I got to stay in my cover two area of the flat. I’ve got to protect it– nothing. And he looks, I mean, don’t get me wrong. Tua did a great job looking the safety off, like he talked about. I mean, he looked like he–

CRIS CARTER: You know why?

GREG JENNINGS: –ready to take the next level.

CRIS CARTER: Because if the safety wasn’t playing quarters– he was on the half. He was playing quarters. If he’s wide, he can’t look him off.


CRIS CARTER: So why are you looking? Because ain’t nobody coming down the middle. So what are you looking for?

GREG JENNINGS: He had no reason to even be looking over there. And so that’s what, if I’m Georgia., I’m looking at this film today, and I’m like–

CRIS CARTER: How did we lose that game?

GREG JENNINGS: How in the world did we allow this to happen? We had everybody in position. It’s all about who is going to make plays, and Alabama, late, made plays. They were able to overcome adversity the entire game. It was a great game.

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