Greg Jennings explains why Lane Johnson’s comments about the Patriots were ‘spot on’

– All right, Cowherd, you like Lane Johnson calling out the Patriots way?

– Isn’t this the way we knew Philadelphia would act if they won?

– You mean like winners?

– No class. No class. I mean listen, you’re literally– this would be like a team randomly winning the college football national championship and saying, you know, the Alabama way doesn’t work. You know, the Alabama, New England way is exactly how football works, which, it isn’t always a good time. By the way you ever gotten into–

JASON WHITLOCK: He didn’t say it didn’t work.

– No, but what he said is, I’d rather be less successful and it’s Mardi Gras, than more successful.

GREG JENNINGS: No, he didn’t.

– Well, what did he say?

JASON WHITLOCK: Said he rather had a fun.

– Exactly.

– Football should be fun.

– By the way, is Gronk not– you know what’s fun in football? High five-ing.

GREG JENNINGS: That’s the only player you can go to is Gronk.

– Oh, really? Yeah, Brady doesn’t appear to be having any fun.

– Name another player.

– I’ve now two.

– How about Malcolm Butler?

– Brady–

COLIN COWHERD: Patrick Chung seems to be having fun.


– Nate Solder seems to be having fun. Since when does football have to be– winning is fun.

ERIC DICKERSON: What are you talking about, Colin?

– Winning is fun.

– It is fun. But you– look, that sport is already rough and crazy enough. When you go into a locker room, you want to go in there and have fun. That’s what it’s all about. And when you go in a locker room, thing about– let’s just say you’re losing, when the coach comes in the locker room, and you got trash on the floor, this is why we’re losing right here. Because we got trash on the floor.

When you’re winning, it could be trash everywhere. Well, we just a bunch of guys having a lot of fun. That’s what it’s all about. Just fun.

It’s, football should be fun. It’s a sport. It’s a fun sport. But you can also make it a non fun sport playing for the wrong organization. And I’m not saying the Patriots are, but I’m telling you, you want to have fun playing football.

– I think the comments that Lane Johnson made are spot on. It’s his opinion. He’s– he wasn’t saying that they’re not successful in their fear based ways, but what he’s saying is, I would rather enjoy my time when I’m in a facility full of guys for six to eight hours every day. What’s wrong with that?

Instead of being uptight, not knowing if you’re going to be released, cut, doesn’t matter if you’re going to see this guy or that guy, when one guy predicts and dictates everything that you say at the podium, your posture at the podium, your posture on the football field, and nobody says anything, that is fear based. He’s not saying anything that we don’t see.

– Why is Josh McDaniels turning down a head coaching job with Andrew Luck? If it’s so–

– He’s been bullied so much.

COLIN COWHERD: Oh, come on!

– It’s undermined his self-confidence. I’m going to tell you who this is.


– And again, it’s someone I have a great respect for, Bobby Knight, but–

COLIN COWHERD: He’s a tyrant.

– And this is a different kind of tyrant. Look, Bill Parcells and Bobby Knight go way, all the way back to the Army days. Bill Parcells was an assistant coach in Army basketball with Bobby Knight. This is all– this is a mentality that’s been passed on Belichick, Parcells, Bobby Knight. And again, so, would I rather play for Dean Smith than Bobby Knight? Would I rather play for Coach K than Bobby Knight?

– James Harrison chose New England.

JASON WHITLOCK: For a few weeks.

– By the way–

JASON WHITLOCK: For a few weeks.

– No, Colin.

– –Nick Saban people can’t get out of Alabama. The coordinators can’t get out of town fast enough. Multiple coordinators have left New England and they’ve come back. Why? If it’s so horrible, why?

– They don’t want to get off the teat. And it’s successful. These assistants keep landing these head coaching jobs, so it’s a way to get your own head coaching job and appear to be successful.

People come back out of fear. When you lead by fear all the time, and Belichick does, he leads by fear. That’s what– and players, because of this Malcolm Butler situation, you’re going to see more and more players comfortable expressing how they really feel about the Patriots and the Bill Belichick way.

– I don’t know if we’ve– I don’t know if they’ll really express it, because I think that’s what Lane Johnson is alluding to. They’re afraid to still even express it.

JASON WHITLOCK: But I’m talking about players around the league.

– Oh, around the league, outside of that. Absolutely. I think they’ll identify this as, man, this has to be what everybody is talking about. If you take your best defensive player and bench him for a reason that we still really don’t really know why from Belichick side and organizational side, then you’ll do to anybody. And I think players coming in, you have to have a sense of pride about yourself. It’s not an arrogance, but you have to be comfortable in who you are and know who you are, as far as the talent.

– Next time– next time you get on a plane, and you get on a plane, and you get on a plane. You guys travel a lot. Do you want this: welcome, it’s an hour 45 flight, a little turbulence hour in, we’re going to land eight minutes ahead? Or do you want this from your pilot? Hey, cocktails up in the cockpit. We’re having a good time. Hey, I’m having fun at my workplace. Or do you want the pilot to be a grown-up? I like going to my football team and dealing with a grown-up.

– I want them to have fun. He’ll say, I’m having cocktails hey, this is going to be a fun flight on the way to Hawaii, you get to Honolulu, enjoy yourself, enjoy this flight.

– No, no, no, no, no, no. Sports are supposed to be fun.

– Thank you! Thank you! It’s supposed to be fun.

– Flying is supposed to be safe. So, again, those are two different disciplines. When you’re playing a sport and risking your body and your health, and again, you’ve been playing it since you were a little kid, it should be more fun. A little personality doesn’t hurt your team.

– Where the least fun you’ve ever had in the NFL? The least fun.

– The least fun?


– In Minnesota when I was losing.

JASON WHITLOCK: I can answer that.

– So, losing is no fun.

– Losing is no fun. But I will say this, when I was in Green Bay we had fun. We were loose. We were the Eagles. And it works. It doesn’t always equate to losses.

And that’s the thing that I think Lane Johnson is saying, there is other ways you can win. Yes, has it worked for them? Absolutely. But do you see the line up of guys across the league hurrying to go over to New England? Absolutely not.

– They’re not hurrying to go anywhere. Babysitters are fun. Somebody’s got to parent the kids. This fun stuff sounds wonderful.

– Did you play sports?

– You can do both.

– I did play sports.

– What did you play?

COLIN COWHERD: My coaches were–

– What did you play?

COLIN COWHERD: Everything.

– Tennis? Bowling?

– And mom and dad said, son, go out there and win now.

– But to have fun.

– I’m sure you’ll have fun after you win. No, they said, son, no matter what have fun.

– My parents didn’t say that. They said– you know what my parents said? Go chop some wood and bring it in for the fireplace. Tough parents.


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