From Steve Nash to Chauncey Billups: Here’s why Chris Broussard compares Lonzo to some of the NBA’s best

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I don’t know where you guys stand on this, but I heard the tease G League. No way, no how. I’m not trying to be Rob Parker, but G League? Is that you thinking G League?

What I say about Lonzo Ball with the Lakers, leave him alone. Let him play. Let him do exactly what he’s doing. He is averaging nine points, seven assists, seven rebounds. I know his shooting is horrible, but he’s become the youngest player ever to have a triple double. He’s had two triple doubles– the first Lakers since Magic Johnson– maybe the first rookie overall in 20 games.

His second game he goes for 29 points, falls what? One assist–

– One assist shy.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Or shy a triple double. And we’re acting like he’s been horrible? Now, when you look at the history of the NBA, there have been tremendous point guards who struggled early. Steve Nash came off the bench his first two years. Gary Payton averaged eight points, six assists his first two years. Chauncey Billups was with four teams and a bust for five years before going to Detroit.

– But none of those guys were anointed the way this guy was that he was going to come in, be the next fresh face of the biggest team in one of the biggest cities.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: And that’s the problem.

– Right.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Because of his dad there is overt scrutiny.

– And because of the Lakers and Magic.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: And some of the Lakers. Yeah, Magic played it, too.

– It was like a domino.

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