Foster Farms Bowl: Purdue holds off late Arizona charge 38-35

– Looking in his direction. And instead of going over the top, they throw the speed out. He makes a miss. He takes it to the end zone for the Purdue touchdown.

– Tate fakes it, rolls and throws to a wide open Poindexter for the Arizona touchdown.

– Takes the fake on first and 10. And Sindelar scans the field, unloads downfield. What a catch. And a touchdown for Gregory Phillips.

– Is he really going to the ground when he makes the catch? Because it looks like, to me, he has possession of it, technically, before he’s going to the ground.

– And that’s where you get caught up with the real difficult decision. Is he actually going to the ground, or not? You could make a case either way, which I think you would have it stand based on that alone.

– Tate, rolling to his right, sets his feet. Lofts one into coverage. Tyrell Johnson– he makes the catch!

– He’s got one-on-one with Mahoungou to the top. Goes in that direction off his hands. And it’s picked off.

– Scottie Young, his first career interception.

– Tate, on the roll, now steps up. Open man in the end zone brown. Arizona takes the lead!

Arizona bringing pressure again. This time, it’s picked up. And the one-on-one, Mahoungou makes the catch, and fights in for the Purdue touchdown!

– Third down and long, he tries to do just that. Lofts it into the arms of Jacob Thieneman for an interception.

– Elijah, huge game tonight. You guys seem to get into a rhythm. And then, all of a sudden, they came roaring back. What was the difference today on that drive at the end?

– Well, we knew we had to score. I mean, we were down by 3. We didn’t get a chance to get what we wanted. And so–

– That’s my quarterback!

– We knew that that was the last chance we had. We had to score. If we didn’t we were going to lose. And so, this team has fought the whole year. And I couldn’t be more proud of these teammates.

– Anthony Mahoungou has an amazing personal story. First heard about football in a comic book back in Paris, France. And then he comes up with a game-winning touchdown.

He’s now getting x-rayed, so he doesn’t even really get a chance to enjoy this with you guys. What do you say about his performance tonight?

– I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s one of my good friends. It’s been such a privilege playing with him. What a blessing to him.

I can’t wait to go see him, make sure he’s OK. But he’s been a phenomenal player. And we couldn’t be more happy to have him.

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