Eric Dickerson on why the Steelers haven’t given Le’Veon Bell a long-term contract

– Eric, I put this into the show because Le’Veon Bell reminds me of a former great running back for the Rams and the Colts by the name of Eric Dickerson.

– Oh, wow. Thank you. I’m glad.

– He always wants money. It’s always about the money.

– No you didn’t. No you didn’t, Whitlock. I was making $150,000.

– And you always wanted more.


– And so I’m assuming you’re on Le’Veon Bell’s side here, in terms of the Steelers are mistreating him. They should give him all the money he wants.

– I’m going to say this much here. I’m always for the player. I really am, because I think the player deserves the money. But in this situation, I feel like the Steelers have always been fair to their players. If you’re fair, if it’s a fair market price– even his agent thought the deal was fair last year, but he didn’t take it. Now, it becomes on the player.

You know, Le’Veon, I like him because I think that he runs behind that offensive line like no one else could. You know, like when I came to the Rams, that fit me. But I have one problem with paying him this money. He’s been– he gets hurt, and he’s been suspended for drugs, or whatever it was. When you are talking about having a long-term deal with a franchise player, I have no patience for drugs. I’m sorry, that’s just– that’s the cutting line for me. And I think that’s why they have not paid him the money.

– That’s a good point I won’t crack any more jokes.


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