Danny Kanell thinks Baker Mayfield has a chance to do something special to end his career at Oklahoma

– I’m going with the quarterback. I look at Baker Mayfield, and was it was interesting. I was at Media Days the other– I’m out at the Rose Bowl, and I saw Georgia and Oklahoma back to back. And there was a stark contrast in the teams.

You talk about eye test? Georgia wins that, and it’s not even close. Like, their size is impressive. But I look at Baker Mayfield, and I see him– the equivalent of what we saw last year. It’s why I liked Clemson last year with Deshaun Watson.

At every level, quarterback is the most important position in the game. And Oklahoma has a significant advantage. But I don’t think there’s a player in the last decade, and maybe in the history of college football, who has more at stake than Baker Mayfield has in this game– and if he goes forward, in the championship game– as far as the legacy and his NFL draft stock. Because if he wins– if he wins out and wins the national championship, I think Baker Mayfield will go down as a top five player– not quarterback, player– of all time in college football. If he doesn’t win, I think he probably ends up top 15, top 20.

And then if you look at the NFL stock, I think if he struggles in this game against an SEC defense, the draft analysts and all the scouts and GMs that are watching will say, “Well, man, he was putting up those numbers against Big 12 defenses, but he struggled against the Georgia and SEC defense.” They’re going to knock him significantly.

So I think for those two reasons, this game is huge for Baker Mayfield, but I think he stacks up really well. And every time he’s been asked to, he has risen to the occasion, and I think this is just another example of one of those moments.

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