Danny Kanell declares Lamar Jackson could be the next Michael Vick

– Lamar Jackson, first of all, it’s funny. He didn’t run a 40, and everybody is like, whoa, red flag. And I’m like, um, no. That would be like Superman at the Justice League combine saying, I’m not going to do the high jump. It’s like, dude, you can fly. We know that.


– Like, the idea that Lamar is not running a 40 and people are worked up, it’s like, dude, we all know he’s fast. I thought the issue yesterday at his Pro Day, he took a lot of shotgun and pistol formation snaps.

– Mm hm.

– My concern with him is, he’s not good in the pocket. Here’s a number. I think he had 57 touchdowns last two years, six under the pocket. At his Pro Day yesterday, he didn’t want to throw into the pocket.

– So I think Lamar Jackson is going to be the steal of the draft.


– For a couple– one, because I think he’s going to drop. Unfortunately, I think he’s going to drop like a rock. Because of what you’re talking about, because he didn’t run the 40, which, I know you don’t think it’s a problem. I don’t–

COLIN COWHERD: It doesn’t bother me.

– It doesn’t bother me, either.


– But the NFL, again, risk averse, they don’t like guys who think differently, who will do something different. I would have ran it if I was him, just to show that you’re healthy, just to show that you can put down as fast a number as everybody thinks they can get out there. But the decision-making process throughout this has– there’s been some mistakes made. And it’s not a knock against his mom, who’s his manager.

I didn’t think it would be a big problem when he announced it. I was like, oh, it’s not– you know, it’s not the worst decision in the world. But when you hear Mike Mayock and others saying teams are having trouble setting up workouts, when he doesn’t have a plan at the Pro Day to work out under center, to showcase that ability, to at least work on it–

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, that’s the thing for me.

– –and that’s what an agent would help you do.


– They would have that knowledge. If he struggled at the board– which there have been some reports, I don’t know if they’re true– you know, talking through plays, an agent would have set him up so he was prepped for those interviews, exactly what to say in that process. So and that goes to the bigger picture of everything’s being evaluated.

So all of these decisions that he’s made, which have been poor, I think are going to unfairly knock him down. But you give him some time, teach him how to drop from under center, he can be Michael Vick 2.0. He really can. Again, it’s a similar question to Rosen, would you take Jay Cutler’s career, would you take Michael Vick’s career?

COLIN COWHERD: I don’t think he’s as good as Michael Vick. I’ll tell you– I’ll tell you another–

– As a runner, he for sure is.


– A passer, it’s debatable.


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