Cris Carter unveils why there is a chemistry problem between Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant

– Well, for one, there is a chemistry problem. Chemistry between a wide receiver and a quarterback, it’s one of those understated things. And we see people throw the ball so successfully, that we don’t even really think about it too much.

We see the type of chemistry that the wide receivers in Green Bay have with Aaron Rodgers. Now we give Aaron Rodgers credit for most of that for his talent, but it comes with chemistry. Now, Tom Brady, he’s an exception to the rule. He has chemistry with everyone. It also shows how good he is. And he’s not subject to the talent around him.

I believe that Dak is still developing as a passer. I believe Dez Bryant is limited as a wide receiver. I believe that he was always limited. I believe he was a very athletic wide receiver. He was like a two guard or a small forward in basketball. Like he can score the basketball, but he can only score in so many different ways. So his route tree, and his ability to be able to move to different places in the formation, that limited his football. Which says that his football IQ is not as high as the other guys.

Julio, A.B., Odell, who you see move all around, A.J. Green. You see these guys move in different positions. Because the coordinator makes it harder for the defense to take them away from the game. But how do I know this? Because they don’t move him around. How do I know this? Because they don’t have variety. How do I know this? Because Scott Linehan, I believe, is a really quality offensive coordinator. And they would do these things if Dez had the flexibility to do them. He doesn’t.

Dez is a descending player. It’s the hardest thing to come to grips with. Once a guy was a superstar. When he’s descending, and you’re really being critical of his ability, because at one time he was this, but today he is not that. Right?

And for me, I think chemistry is very important. For me, I was not the best athlete, but I worked harder, I ran sharp routes. And I knew the whole offense as good as the quarterback and the offensive coordinator. I made eight different Pro Bowls with five different quarterbacks. So I understand chemistry. But it’s also based on your ability, and your ability to be able to move around in the offense. And Dez does not have that. And they do not have that in Dallas.

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