Cris Carter reveals why Isaiah Thomas is now under tremendous pressure after Kevin Love’s injury

CRIS CARTER: It might not change the playoff series, but if we talk about a team not playing very good basketball– also, how many games do we think they’re going to win? Because regardless if you think they’re better than– if they slide past the number four seed–

– Which is possible.

CRIS CARTER: Yes. So that’s my concern. So regardless if you think they’re better, you play all the series where you don’t have home court advantage and you get a bad matchup in round one– the same thing we talked about, just on a different scale with Golden State in the West. That’s what made the West so interesting, is that not only that first round matchup, but that second round matchup because of the depth of the West.

So now if they slide down to five, six– what if they get to six? What if they’re the sixth seed? And they play the number three seed? Which potentially, that could be an issue. I’m concerned– they missed training camp.

LeBron and IT weren’t together. LeBron had the serious ankle sprain. Now they get into the beginning of the season. All right? They don’t have IT there.

They put Calderon in. They go off, run off a stretch of good basketball. And then now they bring IT back.

They struggle again. IT also has the– question, hey Jenna, were you sick yesterday at work? Is that reason why you didn’t come to work?

JENNA: I had such an issue with that, by the way.

CRIS CARTER: I mean, just the pettiness that was already going on. And then now you lose Kevin Love, which I believe is a underrated player. Like, I don’t see them winning a championship without Kevin Love being an outstanding player.

I believe all this is, there’s more pressure on it now. There’s more pressure on him because of Kevin Love not being there, that– he could be under the micro– Because we know– we know it’s not going to be LeBron’s fault. So there are going to be more optics on IT. It’s going to interesting to see how he performs under that.

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