Cris Carter reacts to LeBron James tying Michael Jordan’s record of 866 consecutive games with 10+ points

– All right, so let’s talk about last night for a second. How impressed were you with this record, the double-digit record, these consecutive games tying Michael Jordan?

– Well, when you mention the people, he tied Michael Jordan. And in passing Kareem, which him and Michael Jordan, Kareem’s three, those are the three greatest scores and three of the great champions that we’ve ever had. The conversation will be always LeBron versus Michael Jordan. And these are the type of things that LeBron, he’s going to have to get a bunch of them together to be able to approach who Michael Jordan is as the greatest player.

So it becomes very, very important how long this steak– because what it talks about is longevity. I’ve told Nick this. The only way that LeBron is ever going to be able to either equal Michael Jordan and surpass him, is based on the mass of numbers and longevity. How long can he stay in his prime?

As the number one basketball player in the world, I think that’s the only way you’re going to be able to judge him, because you’re never going to be able to flip around the Browns career with those losses and those championships, Michael being 6 in 0. So the totality of the numbers? That’s the only way LeBron ever has to be able to sit next to Michael Jordan.

– Listen, people need to recognize, when Jordan, when this streak broke for Michael Jordan, it was post to retirement. It was his streak. He set this streak, or ended this streak as a Washington Wizard. And when it happened back in 2001, this was considered at that time an unbreakable record because of– if you think about who was third or second and third at that point in time on this record break, Karl Malone was third at 575. Karl Malone, his biggest claim to fame–

– And mind you, this number’s 866. That’s how fat off it is.

– It’s more than four full seasons, essentially, more. Karl Malone’s biggest claim to fame as a player is length of prime, as we’ve talked about, and consistency night in, night out. He was at 575. Kareem, who up until LeBron, had the longest extended prime of any, maybe athlete we’ve ever seen, certainly a basketball player, his record was 787. So when Jordan did it at 866 with the two retirements mixed in the middle of it, people said no one will ever approach this.

LeBron is going to break this record Friday, right? He’s going to break the record in the next game. For some context on where other people are at, Kevin Durant is at 63. Second most in the league right now among active players is James Harden. He’s at 257. Giannis is at 81. Steph is at 1. Colby’s all-time record was 211.

To not ever get hurt in the beginning of the game– we’ve talked about LeBron never having a significant injury. But what about an injury where just where you tweak your ankle and you get knocked out for midway through the first quarter, never get ejected early in a game. To do this for over a decade–

– –is remarkable.

– –it’s absolutely utterly remarkable, and a record that most people didn’t think would ever be approached.

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