Cris Carter on why Lonzo should focus on basketball and not what Magic and Rob Pelinka do behind the scenes

– I believe it’s really important for Lonzo right now just to focus on himself and focus on his overall development on the court. We saw the promising signs. In the last 14, 15 games he was in, those are the best numbers that we saw. We saw the improved three-point shooting. We saw a little improved on the defensive end.

He does some other things really spectacular, as far as overall leadership, how he runs the team. He’s very in the moment. He’s not emotional. He’s not an emotional roller coaster, which you see with a lot of players. His rebounding the basketball, let’s continue to build on those things.

Like, I’m not concerned about some of the negatives right now. But just continue building yourself as a basketball player, making yourself a prime asset to this organization, that whatever Magic Johnson said, I’m working towards making that a reality.

I’m not worried about LeBron; I’m not worried about my dad; how do I make my teammates better. I believe those are the things right now– because they’re locked into a four-year deal. I believe right now just continue on getting better on the basketball court.

The basketball part, that’s his safe haven. And I believe that, if he continues to develop, it’s going to be– it’s going to be– it makes it look better for the Lakers, as far as players in the future. He can’t worry about that. That’s Magic job to do. That’s Rob Pelinka’s job to do. Right now, he needs to be worried about his overall basketball development, not worry about some of those other things that will take care of themselves.

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