Cris Carter on the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff chances: ‘They need Jesus and a few other miracles to happen’

– Greg makes good points as far as who he would take. Green Bay, they get their star back this week. Dallas’s season could be over before Zeke is reinstated.

– Right.

– They could lose in Oakland. Seven to seven, that’s a wrap. It’s wrap city. He can come back and play, but it doesn’t matter.

Yeah. Yeah.

– I mean, their season will be over with, so huge advantage. Also, Dallas has the worse head-to-head. I mean, Dallas is the tenth seed now in a six-seed playoff. So I mean, they need Jesus, a few other miracles just to happen–


– Before Ezekiel even gets back. I mean, does Green Bay have a tough schedule? I mean, if you’re a betting man, the numbers are in Green Bay’s percentage. Also it’s the player, in Aaron Rodgers. How many players he’s going to make better immediately and he gets to do it this week. He gets to affect the team this week compared to waiting another week. So Green Bay is definitely more likely, but neither one of these team’s are going to make the playoffs. We’re going to the playoffs without either one them being there.

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