Cris Carter on Nick Foles taking over for Eagles QB Carson Wentz: ‘I believe he will be successful’

JENNA WOLFE: You’ve seen Nick Foles play. You’ve got– you’ve got more confidence in him than other people do.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah. And the transition when you take over as a starter is a lot easier when you get some reps, when the quarterback gets injured during the game. It’s different when you take over just to start, and the guy gets hurt. After the game, you don’t know you don’t play. But he actually played in like, a playoff, a highly contested game, that had tremendous stakes and had positive results. So seeing him spread the ball around, not– not just eyeballing the number one receiver. You saw him throwing a couple of different tight ends through to the running back, spread the ball around to wide receivers. This offense he’s very comfortable in. I believe he will be successful in this offense. The most success that he’s had in the NFL has been in the offense like this.

Chip Kelly, when the head coach of Philadelphia, when he took over, he kept some of Chip Kelly’s stuff. So for me, I have more confidence because I’ve seen him operate in this offense. Doug Peterson has done a good job as far as adding other things that him and Carson Wentz can do. The skill sets of these players from a throwing standpoint aren’t that different. Now Carson Wentz is a special athlete. His ability to run, be in the pocket, he’s a bigger, stronger guy than Nick Foles. So those are some of the things you don’t want to have too many quarterback read options. But I believe that Philadelphia will run the table under Nick Foles. They will have the number one seed. They will go into the playoffs with a lot of confidence. But a lot of that started last week and will carry over this week when they gift wrap the New York football Giants.

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