Cris Carter on Bill Belichick’s arrogance in handling Malcolm Butler

– Yeah it was the wrong decision. And it’s the Patriot way, the reason why he didn’t give an explanation. That’s what that is, arrogance. Now you have a guy that played more snaps than anyone on the defense for 18 games.

Now you have to realize this was an odd week for Malcolm Butler. He didn’t travel with the team to the Super Bowl. He was already sick. He was under the weather.

So he came out the next day. They were trying to keep him a little isolated. Didn’t want him around the other guys. So he was still hampered Wednesday in preparation.

He was questionable for practice on Wednesday. But they’re grown men, they’re adults. Just have one type of conversation with them. I’m thinking about potentially not using you this week.

I’m potentially using you as the nickelback. Potentially, you might not dress for this game. All these things were not communicated to him. That’s the reason why in the Gronk conversation why guys don’t like playing in New England as much.

Because as your boss, you would typically give someone some type of reason or explanation why you were changing what we were doing things. So they didn’t have that. So also, there’s a trickle down effect into the rest of the roster.

Because those guys who are taking your spot, they know for some unknown reason, they’re involved in the game plan. So now that nickelback becomes the starter. The dime becomes the nickel. And a guy who was playing special teams, be claimed a dime.

So Bill Belichick, he could eat this loss right here. He caused them to lose this game. When you talk about 34 minutes time of possession, and you have your best cover guy, when you can’t stop him.

Right, yes, I would like to– if we play the game over again, you think they would change their coverages on nickel? You think they would play a different scheme?

– Of course.

– Of course they would. They saw the results of the game. And there’s no way that you can watch New England play and say, man, in a game like this would Malcolm Butler be a difference maker? He has been their most dependable cover guy the last four– forget about this season, the last four seasons.

And now he’s in the biggest game of his career. And now he’s on the sideline. Yeah, Bill Belichick and their ego lost them this game.

– You think it was more important for Bill Belichick to send a message than it was to win the game?

– I think he thought he could do both.

– When you talk about the Patriot– You really thought he–

– Of course.

– If you think that he could do both–

– Life is a lot about control. Life is, I got more control over your life–

– At the expense of winning the Super Bowl?

– You watched the game.

– Right, so you’re saying he made–

– Yes, absolutely. Yes, I’m willing to go on record and say that.

– So you’re saying he made a mistake with what he did. And if he– Then I’m saying he thinks he put the best team out there.

– Why didn’t he explain it to him?

– Why, he didn’t explain it to anybody because that’s the Patriot way that we talk about, when he doesn’t make any explanations for anybody.

– That’s a great way for doing business.

– No, no, I agree with you except that he has won without having to explain anything to anyone.

– He’s also done things his way, Jenna. And doing it his way is far more important sometimes. And that’s what we saw in Super Bowl LII. And– he don’t have no relationship with me.

But he did have a relationship and commitment to that team. And he failed that team by not putting the best team on the field. Bill Belichick got to answer to that, not Chris Carter, not Malcolm Butler. Bill Belichick failed them.

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