Cris Carter explains why adding more game to the CFB playoff is bad for the sport, fans and players’ families

– There’s no way that they can beat the teams in the playoffs, especially in back-to-back. All right? I know UCF. I like Scott Frost as a coach. The Big 10 got better with him going to Nebraska. But they’re not going to be able to play three games with their roster, right? They’ve got a bunch of guys in that game that got hurt. Now do you think next week they could play Clemson, Ohio State, or Alabama and then play one more game? My biggest problem is with the college– I was very pleased with the four games– four teams last night, even though Ohio State finished right out of it.

I don’t think we should keep adding, because I don’t think that we can support the playoff system. I don’t think the parents in going to the games, it becomes very, very expensive. If we add three more games to a 12 or 13-game schedule, it becomes– and if my mom can’t watch me play, like, it becomes hard for me. Now the universities, yes, they profit. But your family is not going to have the ability.

You know, if you look at the end of the season, Ohio State played– they played Iowa. All right, then they had to play Michigan. And then they had to go to the Big 10 Championship. And then the fans would have to go to three other games? Like, there’s some other things involved as far as being a college student and a support system I don’t think work out, as easy it is to put a graph.

Now in four years– this is better than the last system we had. Everyone complained about the last system. People will always complain about this one. When you have four teams, they’ll want six, they’ll want eight. When we get eight, they’re going to want 10 or 12. So eventually you do have to end the college football season.

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