Cris Carter explains who from the New York Giants is to blame for Eli’s mistreatment and a mess of a season

– That’s a good question, who deserves the most blame? I think that when you fire the head coach and the general manager, you’re doing what John Mara– and first I have to say this. John Mara is, to me, is one of the most respected owners that there is in the National Football League. It’s the reason his family and the way they run the team and other organizations, like the Steelers, the Krafts, the reason why the league is really special. Because they really care about the game, and more importantly, they really care about the people inside their organization. And that’s what the Giants have always done.

Several weeks ago on this show, everyone– Jenna was like, McAdoo’s got to go. Nick Wright was like, shouldn’t let him back in the building. Chris Carter, was like, listen, this is not what the people do. This is not the way the family manages their business. But now seeing, you’ve got to blame everyone. The general manager, he’s to blame because he picked the groceries. He also hired the head coach.

Also, the players that aren’t playing well, he picked those. So the general manager, he had to go. Jerry Reese, he had to go, number one, uno. Ben McAdoo, we decided that he’s a good offensive coordinator. He’s not a good head coach. So he had to go. So the only way they can correct this is, also, they’ll look at some players’ contracts this offseason that they’ve paid a lot of money to, as they go about this refacing the New York Giants, I believe some of these players in their tenure with the New York Giants, it will be terminated.

So you’ve got general manager, you’ve got the head coach, and you’ve got the players. And you have Mr. Mara, who swallowed his pride yesterday and got up there on the mic, and assumed responsibility for all this. He said, yes, the coach did talk to me about Eli. But I thought Eli might accept it. See what backfired on him was Eli, he turned on him. Eli was like, no more oh, sucks Eli. This is like, you all embarrass me, no, I’m not going out there.

Y’all need to start Geno Smith. He wasn’t expecting the streak to stop, so they weren’t expecting the public backlash. They were fine with seeing the other players, but they hadn’t thought about what the repercussions– so everyone, Mr. Mara, he assumed responsibility because he knew about the Eli benching. So it’s at four different levels, the ownership, the general manager, the head coach, and you can leave the scene without blaming those players because their tape is out there.

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