Cris Carter explains how the game has slowed down to a ‘walking pace’ for LeBron in Year 15

– Right now, the game is as slow as it will ever be. Well, what– what is that? Well, when you’re playing sports, your brain takes pictures and Jenna, you’ll appreciate this. Because the more lactic acid, the more rapid your heart races, the less clear your vision is and the faster the frames your pictures are taken in your brain.

When you’re an elite athlete and you have superior conditioning, you’d never get to the point of lactic acid so the game is always slow in your brain. Now he has thousands and thousands of pictures of man, I’ve seen this before. So he’s playing a game that he’s already played in his head.

Now athletically, he hasn’t been injured. Injured meaning he hasn’t gone through like, rehab. So you don’t see his body being set back year after year. Tom Brady, since he turned 33, he’s been able to build on this new program that he has that he continues to elevate because you’re getting younger players coming into the NFL. The players aren’t as good. So Tom Brady is still ascending.

He’s getting younger players that haven’t played against him, he’s not playing against Ray Lewis, all these other great players. I know we’ve got Ray coming on the show, but it makes a big difference. LeBron is playing against all these undersized, all these young players, so he is playing. He’s got the answers to the test. For us to think that we know what he’s going through, we don’t. We’re trying to make sense of it for normal people.

LeBron, the game has slowed down to him, almost to a walk. His athletic ability, he’s still able to play the way he was five to seven years ago. Have we seen anyone else do this? No. This is the first time. So what happened last night, Jenna? It was our first time seeing it. What’s going to happen two nights from now? It’s going to be our first time seeing it.

So people trying to explain that they actually know what’s going on, they’re just making up stuff, Jenna. Because we’ve never seen it before, we’ve never experienced it before. All I can just give you is how an athlete thinks, how his body. What’s the between the good athletes and the great ones? How long they stay in their prime. LeBron is in rarefied air that we haven’t seen. Brady’s in rarefied air that we haven’t seen. We have to enjoy it and try to do our best to explain to fans that what we’re seeing is very, very rare.

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