Connor Martin’s go ahead field goal gives Baylor 37-34 win over Kansas State

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] hey, they can scheme up pass game. They get a ton of options to throw the football.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, look at Barnes. His most significant run so far. He’s down the right sideline. He’s got a chance. Barnes, Touchdown Kansas State. 55 yards.

ANNOUNCER 1: And that’s the threat you have when Skylar Thompson is in the game. The defense softens up just a bit and you give Alex Barnes just a little bit of extra room. And he’s gone. Really doesn’t have a ton of breakaway speed. He’s a great all around back. Catches the football, blocks really well.


ANNOUNCER 1: They’re in heavy personnel.

ANNOUNCER 2: Barnes fumbled the snap. He’s down. Oh, disastrous for Kansas State. It’s Baylor football. [INAUDIBLE] bringing it. Picked up nicely. Thompson with time, and picked! It’s picked by the youngster.

ANNOUNCER 1: And it’s also the first turnover that the Baylor defense has produced in three games, and it comes at a perfect time. They bring pressure and they simulate pressure and make it seem like Skylar Thompson needs to speed it up. Alex Barnes does a really nice job of picking up that pressure but still forces Skylar Thompson to float the ball out in the middle of the field, and the middle of the field safety makes a great play.

ANNOUNCER 2: Barnes. No one touched him. Barnes, touchdown Wildcats. 34 yards.

ANNOUNCER 1: –the last few games is in a nose tackle. You have Bravvion Roy in there as well. They both get out of position, leaving a massive gap for Alex Barnes to run through and he takes care of the rest. Look, Alex Barnes–

ANNOUNCER 2: Jalen Hurd, the deep back. Hurd, touchdown Baylor.

ANNOUNCER 1: Some people would disagree with it. It’s a little too early for that.

ANNOUNCER 2: Late onto the field with the defense.


ANNOUNCER 2: And that’s going to be a two point conversion. There is a flag down. First play of the fourth quarter. This is Barnes. Big gain here for Alex Barnes down the right sideline. Touchdown Kansas State.

ANNOUNCER 3: Alex Barnes has the ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: Adam [INAUDIBLE] around– watch him pull around and lead up in the hole. Get his his hat right on that player and pull him down to the ground, leaving a huge gap for Alex Barnes and he takes care of the rest. The last time they ran this play about three plays ago–

ANNOUNCER 2: Brewer to the end zone for Mims. He caught it. Was he in bounds? No ruling. Touchdown!

ANNOUNCER 1: Incredible concentration from Denzel Mims. Look at this. Reaching up with one hand and basically tipping it to himself and then securing it just before he hits the ground. The question is, did that right foot land in bounds once he secures the football?

ANNOUNCER 2: –for Kansas State will have to be replaced. Wyatt Hubert comes into the game. On 1st down. This is Craig Williams, true freshman tailback. Touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 1: –do that speed around the perimeter. Wyatt Hubert steps down. Nobody is able to contain the edge, and in the open field we talked about that rule about Squirrel and what he’s capable of. He’ll take him every time in the open field.

ANNOUNCER 2: Thompson. Has his man Warmack! Touchdown, K State!

ANNOUNCER 1: –matchup out of the back field. Watch Dalvin Warmack. He runs the wheel route and he ends up [INAUDIBLE]. I believe that’s Jordan Williams, number 38, and he just has a little more speed than Jordan Williams does and runs away from him.

ANNOUNCER 2: The junior, Connor Martin, to try and put Baylor up with a 29 yard attempt. He’s already missed three and an extra point this afternoon. It’s up. Man, no doubt about it.


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