Colin reveals why he thinks LeBron James is absolutely a better overall player than Michael Jordan

– This is what I talked about yesterday. The most impressive thing about LeBron– he’s going to destroy all of MJ’s scoring records, and he leaves major chunks of points off the board.

MJ’s the better scorer. Lebron’s absolutely the better overall player. You play with Kobe and MJ, you stand around watching. You play with Magic and LeBron, uh, ball movement? You have to be on alert.

But I’ve always gone back to that simple high school stat, that LeBron James at the high school level– this is how relationships work, marriage and teammates. Respect is the key. And respect comes in the form of it ain’t all about me, it’s also about you.

LeBron is a great business partner, a great basketball partner, a great friend to other stars. He leaves huge meteor size chunks of points on the table nightly and will still blow away MJ, all of his scoring records.

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