Colin reveals the one player that was exposed during the Cowboys-Broncos game

– All I’m here this morning, Christine, Dak Prescott exposed, Cowboy quarterback exposed. What?

Milli Vanilli were exposed. They couldn’t sing. They faked like they could sing. Milli Vanilli was exposed. Bernie Madoff was exposed. Yes, we’re in a recession, and I’m creating 27% returns that don’t really exist. That’s being exposed. If you’re a con man, you’re being exposed.

Dak Prescott wasn’t exposed. Dak Prescott was overwhelmed. There’s a big defen– difference. Denver at home? Those corners? Von Miller? That’s maybe the best defense in the NFL, OK? If your defense has a nickname– I mean, the NFL has always been about offensive stars. It’s always been about quarterbacks. When your defense has a nickname, the No Fly Zone, the Steel Curtain, the Legion of Boom– uh, yeah, you’re pretty good.

Here’s Dak Prescott since he broke into the league. Against everybody in the league, he completes 72% of his throws. If you want to know who got exposed, it’s Dez Bryant. When he targets Dez, he completes 48% of his throws. If you want to know who got exposed, it ain’t Dak Prescott. It’s Dez Bryant, who can’t get open any more.

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