Colin isn’t sold on OKC’s Thunderous 3: ‘Crisis will eventually tell you how it works’

– Oklahoma City did look good last night. I mean, it’s the Knicks. Everybody gets along. You know, I mean, listen, Russell Westbrook has got Steven Adams, a legit big, Paul George, an all-star, and Melo, though I’m not a Melo fan, he’s a legit dude. I thought last night Westbrook was promising.

And now, again, when you’re playing a bad team, there’s no crisis. I’ll give you a game in which you’ll have a crisis. I went and looked it up this morning.

Again, here’s what I know about the NBA– Cleveland’s getting to the Finals. Golden State’s getting to the Finals. And OKC is going to be a fun watch and win over 50 games. They got players. Now the question is, can Westbrook alter his game significantly?

Here’s the game, because they’re going to win a lot of games. Just go to this game. Everybody is on your best behavior when you’re winning by 20. But Kyrie and LeBron lost in the Finals. Uh oh. Shaq and Kobe lost in the Finals. Uh oh. So it’s all rainbows and laughs when you beat the Knicks.

Check back to me February 6. Oklahoma City faces Golden State for the second time. They’ll lose the first February 6. It’s at Golden State and it’s on TNT, and they’re going to go 0 and 2. And Charles Barkley is going to go on and say, you know, Westbrook’s not finding his guys. And all the top opinion people in the country, oh, this team can’t– oh, they lost again by 11 to Golden State. They’re not sharing the ball.

That will be a crisis moment, and that’s where I judge egos. Shaq and Kobe, when you’re winning titles, oh, they lose one, breakup. Kyrie, LeBron have differences, win a title, smile for the camera. When you get in crisis– I always say this– every road trip with your kids is good until one of them vomits in the back of the car. Crisis will eventually tell you how it works.

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