Colin explains why you shouldn’t get overly excited about the Boston Celtics

– Beware of winning streaks in professional sports. Beware of them. We always get overheated. Oh, my god, the Atlanta Hawks in 2015 have won 19 or 15 straight games in the NBA. I think it’s 19. Those Atlanta Hawks were humiliated by LeBron that year. Do you remember? The Cleveland Indians have won 22 straight games in baseball. Examine it. White Sox, Orioles, seven games against the Verlander-less


Detroit Lions. The Boston Celtics, oh, my word, they have won 13 straight games. In fact, Steve Kerr, one of the smartest guys in the NBA, coach of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors. He is buying these Boston Celtics. Here he is.

STEVE KERR: It sure looks like Boston is a team of the future in the East. I mean, with their assets that they still have, and their young talent, and their coaching, and Kyrie is amazing. So that looks like a team that is going to be at the top of the East for a long time to come. But whether their time is now or in the future, that’s to be determined. But they sure look like they want it to be right now.

– OK. I agree with him. And I like how he qualified, I’m not sure their time is right now, because it is not. No, it’s Lebron’s time still, and he will win the East. This is a young professional sports team without a title. Indians didn’t have a title. Hawks didn’t have a title. This Celtics team doesn’t have a title with these guys. Remember the Derrick Rose Bulls, how good they were in the regular season? Young professional sports teams in hockey with a long season, the NBA with a long season, in baseball with a long season, they take the regular season much more seriously.

The minute LeBron started winning titles is the minute–


–you flip the switch. I’ll pick my spots. The minute the Spurs and Duncan started winning titles–


–they picked their spots. Kobe, Shaq won a title. Following year, best team in the league by a mile, lost 26 games. Beware, I like– I like Boston. But they’ve beaten the Spurs without Kawhi, Oklahoma City, who’s still trying to figure out what they are, 9 of 13 Eastern teams, and the youngest team in the league, the Lakers.

Here’s how Boston’s doing it. They’re well coached. They sneak into town. They beat you on IQ, preparation, and hustle. And they do have an unbelievable player in Kyrie. But this is why veterans win the playoffs. Because you face the same great players for two weeks.

I’ve always said this about comedians. Any comedian, 20 years in the business, can create a great 11-minute set. Go watch him four nights in a row. That’s the guy, like Fallon, or Stephen Colbert, or Jimmy Kimmel, that ends up making $10 million a year hosting a show. A lot of guys can do an 11-minute set. A lot of guys can win when they sneak in a town. You’re tired. The Celtics aren’t. They have a better coach, preparation.

But ask yourself. The second best player on the Celtics is Jaylen Brown. Until a week ago, he couldn’t buy himself a drink at the hotels he stays at. How layered is his game? Like a good comic, he can come him and give you a tough night, hustle. What if you see him over and over? How many layers does Jaylen Brown have? How many layers does Al Horford have? How many layers does 19-year-old Jayson Tatum have?

OK, LeBron has like 13 layers. I went and saw the Eagles in concert one time. You ever see the Eagles in concert? Now, for some of you in your 20s, 30s, you may not be in the Eagles. I’ve seen the Eagles in concert three times. Its two and a half hours of hits. Not just a song, it’s two and a half hours of hits.

If LeBron was a band, OK, LeBron would have, like, three greatest hits albums. You stop LeBron doing this, he does that. You stop him doing this, he does that. You stop him doing this, he does that. You stop Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum from doing that, all they have is an 11-minute set as a comic.

Never forget this. If Boston and the Cavaliers toured as bands, the Celtics would open for LeBron. Professional winning streaks–


–take a deep breath. Even the longest the Warriors had, 24 games a couple of years ago, didn’t result in a title. The playoffs have very few upsets. Because when you see a comic every night, or a band past their third song, or an NBA team– same dudes, coaches, plays in-bounds– for two weeks, you’ve got to have layers. Celtics right now don’t. LeBron has multiple.

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