Colin explains how LeBron in LA would be a home run for the NBA

– LeBron James had a quote here. He said, LA is “built for stars. It’s built for entertainment. It’s built for cameras, bright lights, great place. I hope everybody had a great weekend.” Said LeBron. “I know I did, my family did, it was a great weekend.” Listen, this is one of these things where, let’s just be honest about it, there’s a lot of envy and there’s a lot of anger toward LA and New York. They’re more important cities, they’re more talked about, there’s more money, there’s more glamor. And a lot of Americans are turned off by it, very coastal. I get it. But there’s a reason that the NFL convinced Stan Kroenke to buy big parcels of land in Los Angeles to move the St. Louis Rams here. Four St. Louis Rams don’t eventually equal one LA NFL team. You can put the draft here, the combine here, Super Bowls here, you’ve got to be in LA. If you’re Starbucks, you don’t have to be in Buffalo and St. Louis. You’ve got to be in Los Angeles, and New York, and Chicago, and Dallas. You’ve got to be, there are certain cities that matter more.

I’ll tell you who figured this out was Delta Airlines. For years and years and years, Delta had hubs here, Salt Lake, and had a hub in Cincinnati, and Delta had a hub he– you know what Delta has done in the last five years? $1.9 billion put into LAX, $1,5 billion put into JFK. They figured out, make your money in LA and New York. That’s where you make your money. Six Cincinnatis don’t equal one New York. And this is what the NFL has finally figured out. Get teams to Los Angeles.

It is where you can move everything. You can move Super Bowls, drafts, combines to Los Angeles. Executives want to live here. Scouts want to live here, players want to live here. Doesn’t mean LA is the best at everything, but it doesn’t make any sense to hold the combine in Indianapolis. They’re eventually going to move that thing. It didn’t make any sense to have the draft in just one city.

They’re not going to move all the drafts here, but they’re going to make it a landing spot. This is what Delta Airlines has done. They have decided, let’s just go big in New York and big in LA, we’ll make the money and then some. Let’s stop spending money in smaller areas. It’s not that we won’t service the areas. We’re not going to build around them, that’s not all we’re going to put our hubs.

And Adam Silver is a smart guy. He is the NBA commissioner. Don’t kid yourself, LeBron in Los Angeles would be gigantic. A-Rod with the Yankees was a lot better than A-Rod with the Rangers and the Mariners. You notice how none of us ever talk about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Lew Alcindor’s Milwaukee days? Shaq never felt as big in Orlando, Shaq never felt as big in Phoenix, Shaq never felt as big in Cleveland, Shaq never felt as big in Miami and they won a championship. He felt bigger as a Laker with Kobe and Phil Jackson. And so when LeBron talks about LA, commissioners can say what they want. They can say whatever they want. You don’t need LeBron to be in LA for the league to survive. You don’t. It’s obviously, the league is thriving right now. But LeBron in Los Angeles, are you kidding me? As a business, would be an absolute home run.

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