Colin Cowherd’s 2018 NFL Dream Draft

– This is what I would call my dream draft. I think most of these could happen. My sources tell me things that I’m going to present to you are being discussed. So instead of a mock draft, I’ll set myself up to be criticized. I’ll call it my mocked draft. I’ll explain each pick. My mocked draft. Number one, New England’s got four picks in the first two rounds. Belickick’s never gone into a season without a young, viable backup.

Tom Brady is 40. He doesn’t have one. Number one Sam Darnold becomes a Patriot. Because Bill Belichick has four picks and the following year, he would give up another first. Why? He doesn’t have a backup in Brady’s 40. He’s not going to give up on a season. New England’s got good enough schematics and players to win a bunch of games.

They can give up picks. What they can’t afford is a Brady injury at 40. Cleveland and New England, multiple times in the last couple of years, Belichick knows Dorsey and likes him, the new GM at Cleveland– have done business and like and respect each other. And remember, Cleveland isn’t locked in to any one quarterback. My dream draft, my mocked draft– Sam Darnold, number one.

Number two, I don’t buy the New York Giants are not taking a quarterback. I do not believe they’ve taken it off the board. And I believe they will draft Josh Rosen. And I think it’s good for Fox and good for football. You got a little controversy with Eli and Josh.

I think when the Giants are good, the NFL is good. When the Giants are good, the NFC is good. And we own the NFC. Josh Rosen to the Giants. Number three, Jets are going to go Baker Mayfield. Listen, they need a quarterback, so you know they’re taking one.

And Baker and the Jets, a dysfunctional organization, and a potentially dysfunctional quarterback. Again, for somebody– this is my dream draft. For somebody that loves the NFL, this would be a talking point for Christine and I for years. Because there is some Johnny Manziel, although I don’t think Baker is a bust.

I do think with the right O-line and the right coaching and the right support, he can win some games. Number four, I don’t want to see Cleveland be bad forever. I also think it’s a quarterback league and I love quarterbacks. Josh Allen goes to Cleveland. And by the way, this is why they’re willing to accumulate multiple picks from New England.

They don’t have Josh Allen, according to reports, graded that much lower than Sam Darnold. So they say, listen, I’ll give up four– I’ll get four picks. We got one guy graded at a 91 and one guy graded at an 88. I’ll get four picks and get an offensive lineman, wide receivers, and running backs. Josh Allen to Cleveland.

Number five, Denver goes Bradley Chubb, who could be the best non-quarterback in this draft. They’d have Von Miller on one side, Bradley Chubb on the other. It would be the best pass rushing duo in the NFL in years. People are saying Chubb is the best pass rusher out of college in four to five years.

And I like Denver. I like their franchise. It would be fun to watch. Number six, Saquon Barkley goes to the Colts. They didn’t want to pick him at three. But they’ve moved down to six. And I’m rooting for this unrealistically, because I think you do get to a point– 6, 7, 8, 9, 10– it’s very hard to pass up on a, what many people consider, a home run hitting offensive player.

Andrew Luck needs help. He needs help. And if you think Barkley can give him six years of home runs out of the backfield– Saquon can catch, too. Colts in my dream draft would take him. Number seven, Tampa, they need a lot of help. Minkah Fitzpatrick’s a great football player. I don’t have any buzz about this. But I think it would be the smart choice.

He’s a great football player. They need help. I don’t think Tampa with Jameis Winston, Dirk Koetter right now is a Super Bowl contender. But he’s the best player on the board. And it seems like an obvious one. Here’s where I get excited– number eight, I want the Bears to be good. It’s a traditional franchise.

I think the League is better when you have young quarterbacks who are growing and flourishing. Quentin Nelson’s the Notre Dame offensive lineman. He is an absolute beast. Mitch Trubisky for 10 years is going to have a Pro Bowl level interior protector. I want Trubisky to work. I don’t think he’s as good as Deshaun Watson.

I don’t like him like Andrew Luck. I don’t think he’s an all-timer. But the Bears have been a mess at quarterback forever. It’s just been a series of Rex Grossmans and Cade McNowns. I want to see one of these work. I like Chicago. It’s good for Fox Sports if Chicago’s good. Quentin Nelson protects Trubisky for a decade.

Number nine, Calvin Ridley’s the best wide receiver. He’s small, but he’s explosive. To give Jimmy Garoppolo– who’s already got a nice front seven– a great coach, an interesting slot receiver, to give him for the next half decade a star wide out with Kyle Shanahan coaching would be absolutely delicious. This is my dream draft.

I’m calling it my mock draft. I don’t think these are crazy. I think when you get to number 9 and you’re San Francisco and you look at who’s available, who can be the most productive player? Well, Shanahan plus Garoppolo all plus Ridley is guaranteed production.

And finally, Arizona is at 15. They move up and make a trade with the Raiders and take Lamar Jackson. Now, you think this is crazy. I do not. Is that Arizona goes into a division with Goff and Garoppolo and Russell Wilson, and the top quarterbacks are gone. I think they’d only have to move up five spots to get Lamar Jackson.

Now, we know that athletically he is a difference maker. Arizona can bring him in with Sam Bradford and say, listen, you’re going to sit for a year. I got to tell you, I don’t know, long term, if he lasts physically. Not a big kid, and he likes to run. But every defensive coordinator in the League would lose some sleep if you had to face Lamar Jackson for the first time.

Arizona moves up just five slots. They’re concerned Miami at 11 may do the same thing. They move up ahead of Miami that’s also reportedly interested in a quarterback with Adam Gase. And they take Lamar Jackson– my dream draft, my mocked draft.

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