Colin Cowherd thinks the Rams make sense as a destination for Gronk in wake of the tight end’s trade rumors

– Odell Beckham, for instance, is really expensive. He wants to renegotiate a contract. I don’t think there’s a lot of takers for Odell Beckham Jr. because nobody wants to get saddled paying a wide receiver $20 million a year.

I mean, Julio Jones is the best receiver– probably most dependable guy in the NFL. And after about $13-14 million, I’m not sure how much you can pay a wide receiver. And I like him a lot, but his production is not tied to wins. Atlanta is not better when he plays well. That’s my knock on Odell Beckham Jr.

But let me tell you a guy where it makes a lot of sense– Rob Gronkowski. According to the “Boston Journal’s” Greg Bedard– a legitimate guy, not some crazy blogger– has a Bill-Belichick-friendly source, who said the Patriots’ head coach would be receptive to trading Gronk. The Niners and the Rams would be possible destinations.

Of course, the Rams are interested. The Rams have now emerged as the favorite to land LeBron James. I had LeBron coming to LA. I just had the wrong team apparently.

The Rams are a very interesting fit. They wanted Marcus Peters– best corner in the game. They got him. They wanted Aqib Talib, top five corner. Got him. Wanted Ndamukong Suh. Got him.

Odell Beckham, Gronk, interested. I think they can get him because it would take not multiple picks. If you gave Belichick the Rams’ 23rd pick in the first round, New England would take it. And the Rams can’t get a starter there anyway, so Gronk’s a guaranteed starter.

Now the question is, how long is Gronk going to play? My guess is, in LA, if he’s happier, he’ll play two years. He’s got a two-year deal. It’s about a $7-8 million cap hit. It’s all-incentive based, or a large part of it is incentive base, which tells you New England– kind of tired of his crap. New England got tired of the injuries.

I think if you’re New England, you have squeezed every ounce of water out of the Gronk sponge. In the last six years, he has played 11 games, seven games, 15, 15, eight, and 14. He’s missed six playoff games and a Super Bowl. It is a workable contract. The Rams have the piece to get it. And I don’t think within the Patriots system– I don’t think he’s a game changer.

I think within the Rams system, for a year there’s nobody you could draft that could start on this current Rams team. So I think it makes sense. San Francisco, for the record, since they took the Patriots to the cleaners on the Garoppolo deal, maybe they’d cut a more Patriot-friendly deal– doubt it– with Gronk.

But I think that Niners and the Rams are being mentioned. The Rams makes a lot of sense to me. Actually, the Niners makes a ton of sense to me. They really don’t have a go-to guy at that spot. Rams have talented young tight ends. They don’t have a go-to tight end. The Niners drafted a kid out of Iowa last year. He’s not a go-to tight end. He’s an NFL tight end– all makes sense to me.

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