Colin Cowherd thinks it’s time for the NFL to change an archaic rule

– That’s awful. So, let me get this straight. I lunge at the one yard line. Ball slips out. And it’s the other team’s ball? That’s like trying to help an old lady across the street, and if you walk out to help her, you get jail time for jaywalking. That seems a tad severe, does it not? This makes no sense to me. We want athletes to attempt great things

Derek Carr was attempting what would’ve been the play of the weekend. A great lean. And because the ball slips out of his hand, because he’s hit by an NFL guy– I’m OK if you back it up back to the 20. Hell, back it up back to the 30. You give Dallas the ball there? I lose possession? That is way too punitive.

I’ve never liked this rule. It’s been around forever. I mean, who are the guys that sat in this room 50 years ago and said, “All right. Here’s the deal. If you lunge for the goal line, and the ball slips out, and rolls out of the end zone, it’s the other team’s ball.” and all the guys were like, “Yeah, that makes total sense. That seems reasonable.”

Didn’t one guy go, “Lose possession of the ball? Couldn’t you just move it back to the 20?” Lose possession? So a Super Bowl could be decided by a ball slipping out of your hands as you leap for the end zone. Don’t we want great athletes to try great things? Why do you punish them to that level? It’s a lousy rule.

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