Colin Cowherd reveals why Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan is just an average NFL quarterback

COLIN COWHERD: Last night, Matt Ryan. There were big spots in that game. I thought Jameis Winston outplayed him, and I’m hot and cold on Jameis Winston. There are times I think he’s just not going to work in this league. Last night he was pretty effective. Matt Ryan was mad. He’s going to finish this season with 21 TDs, 12 picks, 93 quarterback rating, career average. Every time I criticize him, I get pushed back. Yet, everybody wants to bail on Dak Prescott, who I think is a bigger athlete, got better feet, more athletic, and a better arm. I can’t figure it out.

Last night, Atlanta’s offense was incredibly ordinary, with all sorts of good parts. I’m not anti-Matt Ryan, I’m Meh Ryan. He’s just a guy. He’s a nice B to B-plus quarterback, when surrounded with great talent, wide open receivers, missed a lot, no mobility, average arm, not great size. Why everybody bails on Dak, and everybody’s all in on Matt Ryan, I’ll never figure out. It’s funny. In the NFL, if you look at his rankings right now, they’re all 11, 12, 13, 14, passing yards and attempt passing yards a game. TD interception rate, these are all his career averages, and yet every time I say, I like him, he’s OK, he’s a franchise quarterback, I get major push-back.

You think he’s elite. Tell me what’s elite, arm, feet, body size, mobility? No no no no no. And yet, when I put my arms around Dak, everybody’s freaking out. How can you say– Dak’s bigger, Dak’s stronger, Dak’s got a better arm, and he’s a better athlete. And when I submit to you that he’s the B-plus franchise quarterback, people go, “Oh, hey, can’t win without Zeke.” He’s won three straight without Zeke. He has a higher winning percentage and a better quarterback passer rating since he’s been in the league. And he’s a kid. Matt’s in the NFL 10 years. I just don’t get it, the love affair with Matt Ryan and the push back on Dak. I’ll never figure it out.

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