Colin Cowherd on Russell Westbrook: He’s the NBA’s worst shooter from behind the arc

COLIN COWHERD: And I remember last year, you guys really got on me. Everybody did. Not just Christine, everybody. When I said, I don’t get how like a triple double equals MVP. Triple doubles great, but since when does stats equal valuable. Like I never, to me stats are stats, valuable is valuable. I don’t think this stat equals MVP. And you got mad at me when I didn’t believe it. I was a hater. Colins drinking hateraid. So I thought, oh right, you’re right, you’re right, you’re right. I gave LeBron credit for stats, and I didn’t understand the Westbrook MVP thing.

So let’s just be fair here. If you do something historic with stats, I am now just going to acknowledge it. So here you go. In February, Russell Westbrook took 45 threes. He made seven. He closed out the month shooting 15.6 percent on threes. Dead last in the NBA. I’m going to now give him the golden brick award winner, Russell Westbrook, for February of 2018.

– What?

COLIN COWHERD: No, no, no.

– No. Don’t clap for that.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, he still takes five a game. I mean, make it rain bruh. Keep jacking them up bruh. Keep hoisting them up. Stats matter. I was lectured. You told me. By the way, here are some other numbers. Who’s the number one team in the NBA? Golden State. They have a former Westbrook teammate. Who’s the second best team in the NBA? Houston. They have a former Westbrook teammate. Who is the number one seed in the East? Toronto, Serge Ibaka. They have a former Westbrook teammate.

By the way, who is the surprise team in the NBA. Indiana, who I was told got hosed. Lost Paul George. Got that guy Ola Depos. No good. Sabonis is a rookie. They’re the surprise team in the NBA. For the record, Kevin Durant this month was 31 of 58 on three’s. His greatest month ever, 53%. He has never been more efficient. James Harden, a former Westbrook teammate, has never been greater. He will win the MVP going away. Going away. Indiana is the surprise team in the league. Victor Oladipo, who played with Westbrook last year, is now an all-star. Sabonis has doubled his numbers.

You lectured me. I was a hater. I didn’t acknowledge stats. You like apples? You like produce? How you like these apples? He’s the worst shooter in the league from beyond the arc. If stats matter, then don’t just use them to win your argument. You can’t just use them to win your argument. He still shoots 5 threes a game. He’s never been a good three point shooter. He’s now the worst in the entire league. And everybody that’s played with him and left, is playing better and more efficient basketball.

If you’re going to lecture me, if you’re going to mock me, if you’re going to come after me, then it’s only fair that we acknowledge Russell Westbrook. Let’s put that graph up once again. We are giving him an award on the show, the golden brick award for February of 2018. 15.6 percent on three point shots. Congratulations. Can we have round of applause again, please if we could.

– I’m not clapping for that. You had to be sarcastic.

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