Colin Cowherd on how Brad Stevens contributed to Jason Kidd’s firing

– Brad Stevens is the best coach in the NBA, not Steve Kerr. It’s not Steve Kerr. Warriors won with Luke Walton and Mike Brown. It’s not Gregg Popovich, who hasn’t nearly been as good since Tim Duncan left. Best coach in the NBA is Brad Stevens. The guy is absolutely remarkable. He got Butler to the national championship. OK. That’s incredible.

Having Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant and a good bench and winning a bunch of games– Luke Walton did that. Mike Brown did that. Nothing against Steve Kerr. But the best coach is Brad Stevens. Brad Stevens yesterday got a coach fired. He got Jason Kidd in Milwaukee fired. That was Brad Stevens that got him fired. The owners didn’t fire him. Brad Stevens got him fired because Brad Stevens is amazing.

Other GMs now are looking and going, well, Brad Stevens lost Kelly Olynyk, his number two player, Gordon Hayward, in the first quarter of the first game of the season– 29 a game from Isaiah Thomas, his two best defensive players, Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder certainly among them. They lost four of their five– four of their top six scorers. And Boston is 34 and 13 number, one in the East. Boston has five more wins this year than last. And their second-best player, I think, is Al Horford– lost four of their top six starters.

Here’s how good Brad Stevens is. Brad Stevens gained a bad defensive player, Kyrie Irving. He lost two of his best defensive players, Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder. And the Celtics rank number one in defense. It’s called coaching. It’s why Alabama keeps winning the championship and why Belichick keeps getting to Super Bowls. Coaching matters.

Brad Stevens got Jason Kidd fired. Jason Kidd’s got a guy called the “Greek Freak,” 28 a game– Khris Middleton, 20 a game; Eric Bledsoe, 18 a game; rookie of the year Malcolm Brogdon last year; two really good defenders. And they’re awful defensively.

Jason Kidd didn’t get himself fired. Brad Stevens got him fired because great creates clarity. What Brad Stevens is doing in Boston is ridiculous. They turned over almost their entire roster, turned it over, lost two of their best defensive players, and they’ve gotten better defensively. They lost Gordon Hayward, man overboard first quarter. That would be a psychological deathblow for any other team. And they’re number one, five wins better than last year at this time.

This is what Saban does to the SEC. He creates clarity. Oh, you can win almost all your games if you’re well-coached. Brad Stevens now is becoming that– is that if he can do it with this group, he’s depending on a 19-year-old, a 21-year-old, and Kyrie Irving, who had a reputation as a top five awful defender at guard in the NBA– oh, yeah, my bad– and Al Horford and not much of a bench. Brad Stevens got Jason Kidd fired.

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