Colin Cowherd: Giannis Antetokounmpo is not the next LeBron James

– All right so it’s very funny. So last night, I mean it’s regular season, doesn’t mean much. But the Greek Freak score 27 points and Milwaukee beat LeBron and the Cav’s won 119-116. well, the reason this is a big deal because Giannis is, of course, he’s the next LeBron, right?

I mean this is what bored NBA writers do, knowing the regular season lasts forever. So they have to actually like create storylines to you know appeal to cliques because everybody in the world, you know, knows the NBA regular season is just sort of a warm up for the playoffs. And nobody’s going to beat LeBron four times in two weeks in the east and nobody’s going to be the Warriors four times in two weeks in the west.

Love you, Houston, not going to happen. So last night Milwaukee beat LeBron and you can already see the NBA writers bored out of their minds, waiting for the playoffs in April. He’s the next LeBron.


Next LeBron. Let me show you the shot chart of the Greek Freak last night. This is the shot chart. The miss are the little circles, the makes or the little colored in dots. OK. Now, look at LeBron’s shot chart. Makes and misses. LeBron shot– oh, oh, that’s like a real NBA player that can hit lay ups and dunks and mid-range and jumpers and threes and–

That’s why Giannis is not the next LeBron. Let’s go back to Giannis’ shot chart. This is DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers shot chart on a nightly basis. That shot chart is never going to be the biggest star in the NBA, maybe in 1972, Wilt Chamberlain. ’86 Shaq. That, in 2017, where jumpers are more important, is never going to be the next LeBron.

This is what you told me two years ago, NBA guys, about Kawhi Leonard. A guy with no personality, a below average passer, who now is hurt, which LeBron never is. Per 100 possessions, LeBron is plus 16, Kawhi’s plus 2. Meaning per 100 possessions, Kawhi Leonard to a basketball team isn’t even worth one 3-pointer.

LeBron’s worth more than five. Not even close. You told me Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis, the Greek Freak, Andrew Wiggins, Ben Simmons. Now it’s Giannis. Giannis is the next LeBron. I watched last night, shooting is sort of a big deal. I’m not sure if you’re paying attention to the current NBA. He can’t shoot.

LeBron is in his 15th year and statistically, is better than Giannis, Kawhi, Anthony Davis, Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Ben Simmons. And the NBA writers in a long regular season, you know what they need. They need storylines. And the Greek Freak in the box and Giannis are a great storyline. And he’s a hell of a talent.

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