Colin Cowherd criticizes Bill Belichick for benching Super Bowl XLIX hero

– The other story, which I think has to be discussed here, Malcolm Butler was benched. He’s probably right now, he and Patrick Chung, the best defensive player New England has. Is he in Belichick’s doghouse? I think it’s very obvious, he is. He played against Tennessee every snap. He played against Jacksonville every snap. This is a team without a true pass rusher.

I mean they brought Harrison from the Steelers over. This is not a not a defense with a surplus of people. Eight quarterbacks haven’t been sacked in a Super Bowl. They’re 7-1. Nick Foles was never sacked. Clearly Belichick saw the film, saw Philadelphia’s offensive line and knew he wasn’t going to put a ton of pressure on Nick Foles. Nick Foles, forget not being sacked, I counted only twice he was under any duress.

The Patriots and Belichick trade away Chandler Jones, trade away Jamie Collins. Dont’a Hightower gets hurt and they bench Malcolm Butler against this offense? Is Belichick now so clouded, based on, you know, my formula works, that he can go into a football game with an offensive-minded team with a clearly superior offensive line, a great tight end, terrific running backs, a smart head coach, and bench your best corner?

I mean, Nick Foles had his greatest game as a pro, 41 points against the defensive genius in the NFL, Bill Belichick? You watch the film, Bill. You thought you could bench Malcolm Butler? I mean that is amazing to me. Listen, the AFC is so weak, let’s be honest, it is, that New England, with marginal defensive talent, could coach their way to stats.

They were great in the red zone against the AFC. They got pressure among the league leaders in the AFC in sacks. But this Philadelphia offensive line is elite. Everybody talks about the Cowboys O line. Looks like to me, Philadelphia’s has surpassed them.

I have seen coaches do this. Geniuses like Bobby Knight. Mike Krzyzewski almost fell into this, where they start buying into the genius stuff and they get really stubborn and rigid. The danger of being a genius, everybody tells you you’re a genius. And maybe you start believing it.

But Tom Brady threw for 500 yards and lost. NFL passing leaders are now 0-6 in Super Bowls. Why? You need help. You need help. What did New England do defensively? Did they stop the run? No. Do they create a pass rush? No. Even their interception was mostly a fluke. Here was Belichick after the media asked him why Malcolm Butler didn’t play last night.

– We put the best, the players out there and the game plan out there that we thought would be best tonight, like we always do.

– Come on, Bill. For the record. Brandon Browner, a former Patriot, went to Instagram last night and posted quote, “A locker room was divided pre-game. Most yards ever given up in a Super Bowl game and your best defender over the past three years doesn’t get a snap. You were hurt slash burnt where he was needed tonight. Foolish pride.” Brandon Browner.

For the record, that was liked, as they call it, by guys like Dont’a Hightower and Jamie Collins. Listen, credit where credit’s due to Philadelphia. But I have seen smart guys have their career punctured because they get rigid. And I’m not going to recruit one and dones. And the system’s greater than the player.

Bill, you got fired in Cleveland because you didn’t have a great quarterback. And you got beat yesterday because you gave away Chandler Jones and you gave away Jamie Collins. And Dont’a Hightower is hurt and you benched Malcolm Butler? Don’t be the genius who starts believing everything he reads about being a genius.

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