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Chris Broussard thinks the Warriors won’t be able to win a title without a healthy Steph Curry

– Cowherd, you think the Warriors have flipped the switch.

– Defensively, I was shocked. They were great, and they have been for two months apathetic, barely care, marginally interested. I was surprised at the level of the intensity of their defense was that spot on.

– The only thing that shocked me was that Earl Watson convinced me that the Spurs had a chance. If Earl Watson hadn’t convinced me last week the Spurs had a chance, nothing surprising about this this past weekend. The Warriors look like a great team, and the Spurs are like someone waiting for Kawhi Leonard to get healthy.

– Yeah, I think they have flipped the switch. I won’t belittle it, because Kawhi’s not there. Because San Antonio, you still can’t take them lightly even without Kawhi. But, I expected them to beat San Antonio in the first round. I still don’t think flip-switched or not, they can win it all without a healthy Steph Curry. And so, that’s what I expect.

– I don’t buy into this flipped switch business, OK? This is a Spurs team that stinks. They’re under 500 since January 1st. This is not a good Spurs team at all. And the Warriors trotted out a lineup that had not played together all season, with Iguodala and JaVale McGee starting. Steve Kerr threw a wrinkle at Popovich, and Popovich came out, was like, I don’t know what to do, and the Warriors took the lead early and the game was over. I’m not fully into this flipped switch thing, but the Warriors are still [INAUDIBLE].

– He does a point. Tony Parker has not had a great year. Kawhi’s not there. Manu is 40. They don’t have a ton of depth. You could make the argument that we’re overreacting to what has been–

– A horrible team on the road. A horrible team on the road, the Spurs.

– Yeah.

– And so, again, I didn’t think the Spurs had a chance until last week. Earl Watson made a very compelling case that fooled me and cost me money.

– Look at Earl Watson. Come on.

– Yeah, and so again, I just don’t think anything surprising happened here. Golden State blew out a bad Spurs team.

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