Chris Broussard thinks Isaiah Thomas is going to need to ‘recalibrate’ at some point

– Is it possible, and this is what Carissa and I were suggesting earlier, that it was more mental for Isaiah. That he came into this team and wasn’t willing to be a Robin. He thought and saw himself, Chris, as a little bit like Batman 1A.

– Oh there’s no question. And coming off a 29 point season, fifth in the MVP voting, Second-team All-NBA, you can understand it. Some of it was his game. At a certain point, your game is your game. He’s a ball-dominant player, he’s a slasher. So that’s just the way he plays, it’s tough to adjust. But what he was last season, that was an aberration. He’s got to forget about his old girlfriend. It’s like he was dating Halle Berry. And you never were in Halle Berry’s league. So now you’ve got to recognize, I’m not getting another Halle Berry. He’s not going to be a 29 point scorer anywhere, especially on a good playoff team again.

– Boston, by the way, again, Boston was going through the rebuild. Kyrie wasn’t there yet, Gordon Hayward. So Boston looked at him and thought, you know he’s actually a nice, dynamic offensive player. They kind of built around him, but Cleveland didn’t need to build around him.

– Well and they knew. Boston even knew, as great as Isaiah was last year, they knew you’re only going so far with this. We were conference finalists that could have been eliminated in the first round if Chicago, if Rajon Rondo hadn’t gotten hurt. So they understood what they were. You have to get Brad Stevens credit for building around Isaiah, creating a system where he could flourish and the team could pretty much maximize what it was.

– By the way, if Isaiah Thomas would have stayed in Boston this year, even they would have significantly reduced his role. He wouldn’t have averaged 29 with Kyrie Irving and a healthy Gordon Hayward.

– I mean if they had Kyrie, Kyrie becomes the best player, there’s no question about that. Isaiah needs to, again, forget about what he did last year. And look, he got mad at me two weeks ago when I said he’s really more in the Jamal Crawford, Lou Williams class.

– Did he text you?

– Well he responded to our Fox Instagram where we put the quote up. He was just like, oh that’s what you think, Chris? OK. After eight games. He didn’t go at me, but he just showed his disapproval. But, first of all, Jamal Crawford and Lou Williams are very good players, and they can contribute to good teams. People need to begin to look at Isaiah in that vein. And it is not because they don’t think they’re as good as some of the stars. Jamal Crawford is as confident as anybody in the league. But you don’t hear him running his mouth about, LeBron’s one, I’m 1A. Why is Chris Paul starting in front of me, I’m just as good. Even if he thinks that, he doesn’t say it. Isaiah could go somewhere and help a good team as a sixth man off the bench. 22 minutes a night, 18 points a night. That’s what he can do. But as long as he thinks, I’m a 27-point scorer, I should be second, third team All-NBA. I don’t know who’s going to take him. A bad team with young players might feel you might stunt these young guys’ growth. A good team that’s trying to win a championship might feel like you won’t accept your role. So he’s going to have to recalibrate. That’s a word that’s been in the press with the Lakers recently. Recalibrate.

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