Chris Broussard reacts to the latest Kyrie Irving injury news

– What’s your reaction to the news?

– Well, I hope it’s not season ending. I think right now everything’s up in the air, I think they’ll have the procedure, see how Kyrie responds, and if he’s fine I believe he’ll play. I have been told that Danny Ainge’s view is, look, if there’s any– this was before the surgery was announced– but if there’s any question about the long-term future for Kyrie because of the knee, then Danny would be more about, let’s just sit him and wait, wait till next season, let’s not put his future in jeopardy for this year. So I just think we have to wait and see. Again, I hope Kyrie is back, I think we all want to see that– certainly be much better for basketball.

– He’s had– remember he hurt his foot in college, or his big toe in college, he’s had a shoulder, and he’s had a wrist thing, the knee. He’s had a–

– He was very injury-prone earlier in his career. And you just hope that this isn’t a sign of that coming back.

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