Chris Broussard explains how good Lonzo Ball could be if he fixes his jumper

– The one question on Lonzo all year has been, can his ability to shoot the three, finish at the rim, and develop any type of range game develop as quickly as his passing, rebounding, and shockingly to me, his defense has at the NBA level?

Because– and you can go side by side like, the guy he was compared to out of college, Jason Kidd, their two rookie years, they’re incredibly similar. Kidd was a slightly better shooter and averaged slightly more points per game, but the rest of the numbers, I mean, that’s nearly identical, right? And Jason Kidd obviously had a first ballot Hall of Fame career.

The reason I found yesterday interesting, and you saw it in three of those jump shots in the highlight, was he seemed to me on the mid-range, to, on three of them, not cross his face as much as he had been to bring it straight up on the right hand side, which is the whole reason he hasn’t been a threat at all from the mid-range. The whole reason there have been games like last week, where he shot 12 threes, is because it is hard off the balance to get the shot up the way he does.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: You virtually can’t.

– You virtually can’t. And so this one here, like, that’s a form on a mid-range shot that I haven’t been seeing from Lonzo. I’m not saying he’s going to shoot seven of eight every night, obviously, but that is– he’s going to have to adjust his shot, not necessarily on the three, but on the mid-range shots to have a chance to get them off. That’s what I thought was a huge step in the right direction.

– I’ve said all year, if we didn’t know who LaVar Ball was, he was just your average NBA parent, then we would be looking at Lonzo Ball, saying, you know what, he’s going to be nice. I’m not saying– I don’t think he’s going to be Magic Johnson. I declare he will not be Magic Johnson. He could be Jason Kidd. I think that’s his ceiling. We know he’s got all the passing ability, the knack for the basketball, whether it’s rebounding or his defense getting deflections. He’s long. His instincts are great.

The shot is what we have to watch, not just because of the strange form and the inaccuracy this season, but how– I don’t think you can have two types of jump shots.


– You know, like you– and I don’t even think you can shoot from three with his swinging motion, but then go to the foul line and shoot a typical jump shot form, and even like he did in the mid-range. So I think it’s going to have to become one or the other.

And I would– it’s going to have to become a more standard form–

NICK WRIGHT: Did you see a slight adjustment–

– –in the mid-range.

NICK WRIGHT: –yesterday on the mid-range?

– Yeah, his mid-range was– and he did it once.

– I hate to disappoint y’all, man. Like, I need y’all to really look at that video.


– Like, I really like– because that ball is definitely either at his nose or left of his nose. That shot right there, that ball was at his nose or left of his nose.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: But it’s a different [INAUDIBLE].

– Watch this shot here. Watch this right here. Watch his ball. Where’s that ball?

NICK WRIGHT: That one there– I didn’t say all of them, CC.

– OK.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: And he shot that off of one foot.

– That one right there, the bank shot, it’s off the left side, OK. So it takes a–

NICK WRIGHT: What about this one, though?

– It takes a lot longer– that’s straight up and to the left side. It’s a bad angle from the camera, all right. I looked at him, looked at him, looked at him. Now, as a college basketball player, you only spend so much time in the gym. I expect him to improve.

This is his job. That’s all they have to do is either shoot the basketball or watch basketball. That’s all they’re doing. This is the normal development that you’re going to see.

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