Chris Broussard details why Steph Curry is the Warriors most valuable player

COLIN COWHERD: OK. So there’s a big difference between great and valuable. Blake Griffin is a great talent. The Clippers are now better without him, and the Pistons are awful with him. We know Kevin Durant is remarkable.

He’s one of the best basketball players in my life. He’s not as valuable as Steph Curry. I went back and looked this morning. Since KD arrive with the Warriors and has missed games– they’re 25 and 5. I watched them last night.

You watch them without Steph Curry, they’re not the same team.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: This is why Kevin Durant caught flak when he went to Golden State. And you and I didn’t give him flak. I was fine with his decision. But they don’t need him.

They won a championship without you. They won 73 games. And I’m not trying to poo-poo on Cleveland’s championship. But if Draymond Green is not suspended, very few people believe they’re going to win that series.

So they could– they were the best team for the last two years without you. So he goes there, yet they don’t need him. As great as he is, I’ve said it all along. He is their best player. Period.

COLIN COWHERD: But he’s not their–

CHRIS BROUSSARD: No, he’s not their most valuable. Steph is the most valuable. He’s the most important. Look, this year there’s 7 you 0 with Steph playing and no KD. In those seven games they average 123 points a game.

They win by 19 points a game–


CHRIS BROUSSARD: –without KD. They play at the fastest pace in the league. When KD is there and no Steph, 11 and 5. They average 105 points a game. They win by five points. That might have even changed because–

COLIN COWHERD: Last night.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: –of these last two losses. And they play at the 27th fastest pace in the league.

COLIN COWHERD: Chris, this is great. You did a great job here. This is what I say about Gronk. Gronk’s great. But when Gronk gets hurt for New England, they play a different game. They’re like, OK.

We’re not going to play this lumb— we’re going to speed it up. No huddle. Slot receivers. So Gronk gets hurt and you’re like, he’s great. Gronk not valuable to the Patriots. Belichick’s brain is, and Brady’s arm is. Gronk’s great.

He’s not– by the the way, OBJ in New York. When he has over 100 yards, they have a losing record. He’s great. But what happens with OBJ is, Eli Manning gets glued on him because he knows, if I don’t throw the ball to OBJ, he’s going to come to the sidelines and bark. So it’s very interesting, is that those numbers are remarkable.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: When they don’t have Steph, they play like most other teams. KD has the ball a lot in his hands, and he’s great. Look, without Steph they will be a very good team. I would take Houston over them.

But they’d be right there with everybody else. So they’d be elite. But with Steph, Steph– Steve Kerr said it a couple of months ago. He has not seen a player make defenses adjust to him ever like Steph Curry does.

His range is out to 35 feet, but he also can handle the ball. Can finish in the mid-range. Can finish at the rim. Can pass. Anyone else who’s been close to as good a shooter as Steph Curry in the history of this league has pretty much just been a shooter.

He can shoot like that and do everything else offensively. And he moves without the ball. He’s constantly moving. So he is their system. He changes everything. He is their MVP, no question.

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