Chris Broussard details 3 things we’ll learn from the Cavaliers-Warriors game

– I think we can learn a lot because, obviously, Steph Curry is not there, but neither is Isaiah Thomas. So neither team is whole. I think we’ll learn one, can the Cavs even hope to guard Golden State? Because their 3-point defense during this string where they’ve gone 19 and 2 has actually been pretty good. It’s sixth in the league in efficiency since that winning streak began.

Also, we’ll find out, do the Cavs really believe they can play with the Warriors? After being waylaid in the finals last year, do they really think that they can play with them? I think that’s what we’re going to find out.

And we’re going to find out how good the Cavs are right now. Because a lot of people you mentioned, everybody’s talking about LeBron’s having his best year, how good are these Cavaliers, 19 and 2 over the last month and a half. But you know what? Only four of the 19 victories came against teams with winning records. And those teams– Washington, Miami, Detroit, the Knicks– they haven’t played anybody. So now they’re going to finally play somebody, let’s see what they can do.

EBONI WILLIAMS: So we find out who they are today.

– Look, I do think we will learn something from today. It should be pointed out that the Warriors are coming off one of the worst performances you’re ever going to see collectively from Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. I know most of us were paying attention to football this weekend, but, you know, they lost at home, and the two were combined 1 of 15 from 3-point range. And so law of averages would tell you that they’re going to shoot the ball really, really well later on this afternoon.

But I think what we’ll learn from both teams is what do they need to add, because obviously, the Warriors are going to add Steph Curry and that’d change the dynamic. But do they need to add a big body? Do they need–

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Do you think the Warriors actually need to add something?

– Probably something on their bench. Probably something to– somebody who gets bought out to their bench. I think that–

– Is that just a safety net? Or–

– Probably.


– Probably.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: I’d say that’s fair.

– And especially–


no, no, no. But I mean, like, look, are the Cavs going to add–

EBONI WILLIAMS: That’s not bad.

– –DeAndre Jordan? Do we need to add–

CHRIS BROUSSARD: The Cavs need to ask themselves.

– Right. Do we need to add some rim– what’s amazing about Kevin Durant is– second in the league in blocks– is that he’s become a rim protector. He’s become a dynamic weapon at the defensive end. And look–

– He says he enjoys that. He said he always wanted to be this kind of nasty kind of guy to play stronger defense.

– Yeah, I mean, I guess.


EBONI WILLIAMS: That’s what he said.

– You know, I guess–

– It’s easy to say that when–

DOUG GOTTLIEB: But he also–

– –you got Draymond, Steph, and Klay right there.

– Well, he got dunked on by Larry Nance the other night. I’m not sure he enjoyed that–

– That was worse than being dunked on.

– –nearly as much.

– That was embarrassing, emasculating–

– Ooh, y’all so disrespectful. Ooh. [LAUGHS]

– –all that.

– But I think we’ll also–

– Bifurcated, all that.

– We’ll also– all of a sudden, bifurcated becomes the word of the day. Right? It’s totally word of the day.

– #bifurcated, got to get that trend.

– I think we’ll get a chance to see the two best players in the world. Like, obviously, I’m sitting in the seat so I’m supposed to say something nice about LeBron. He’s awesome. I have nothing bad to say about him. But I think that Kevin Durant currently is the best player in the NBA.


EBONI WILLIAMS: Provocative.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I was wondering if you’d go there.

– He’s not the best all-around. LeBron’s still better all-around, a better passer.

– But in this moment.

– But in this–

– But who’s the best player in the league?

– In this moment?

– I would say that Kevin Durant is. I think that Kevin Durant has– he’s more unguardable offensively. And he’s become maybe not as effective defensively or on the boards, but he’s a pretty effective defensive player, whereas LeBron gets a little bit more credit defensively because he’s super smart, and he’s talking. Historically, he’s better than he actually is now in terms of his lateral movement and taking plays off.

Look, neither team is complete. I do think the Cavs have a better overall roster, and regular season becomes more about overall roster. Postseason, it becomes your five best guys. But I think we’ll learn a lot about what both teams might add at the end of the season, and we’ll get to see who is the best player in the world as of today.

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