Cavs’ LeBron James Targets Phil Jackson With Dennis Smith Jr. Comments

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Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James had an intention when he made recent comments stating that Dallas Mavericks rookie Dennis Smith Jr. “should be a Knick.”

James isn’t holding back on whom he intended that comment for, as he admitted that he was trolling former Knicks president Phil Jackson with the comment.

James stated that the Knicks “passed on a really good one” in this year’s draft by selecting Frank Ntilikina with the eighth pick instead of Smith, who went at #9 to Dallas.

James said that he wasn’t “throwing shade at Frank at all, for people that got their pants in bunches.”

James made it clear he was aiming for Jackson.

“Oh yeah, it’s definitely a shot at him,” James said. “That’s for sure.”

James stated that he is “not a fan” of Jackson but also said that he has “no problem with the Knicks.”

“Phil was just a small piece [of the Knicks’ issues],” James said.

“Well he was a big piece of it, actually. I don’t have no problem with the Knicks organization. I wasn’t here so I don’t know the insights and everything. … Y’all know how they handled the Carmelo situation, but I’m not a fan of Phil Jackson, though. I think you guys already know that. Let’s not — that’s the past, though. He’s not even here anymore.”

How much do you want to bet that this won’t be the last time that James trolls Jackson.

In fact a lot of players, including James, and perhaps the entire Knicks organization feel that hit the Powerball Lottery Results when they canned Jackson.

James is certainly not sympathetic to Jackson’s plight.



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