Bucky Brooks: ‘Lamar Jackson is the future for the Baltimore Ravens’

– Lamar Jackson is interesting. I actually think, for kind of an outwardly dull franchise, he’ll be beloved immediately. I mean, Flacco plays dull and is dull. And it’s an organization that’s been special teams and defense. So I think just emotionally, the town will love him.

Secondly is– Flacco doesn’t get hurt. If he goes to Arizona with Sam Bradford week two start, I think he and Josh Allen both need a year. My takeaway has always been Dalton, Rosen, and Baker can actually play. I don’t love Baker, but he can play quickly.

I think Josh Allen, who I really don’t love, and Lamar Jackson– just give them a year or two. So I like the Baltimore thing.

Now just because they draft him– a lot of people draft quarterbacks. I mean, Belichick drafts one every year. Is Lamar their future?

– I think so. I think this is part of a long-term play. And I think the way they did it, if you really look at what they were doing, they dropped the little bread crumbs. If you followed the trail, you knew that Lamar Jackson was in play. When they said on RG3 a couple of weeks ago, immediately I thought, they’re getting a quarterback, a backup quarterback, that could run the same system as a [INAUDIBLE] quarterback. So then when you see the visit, oh, Lamar Jackson goes into Baltimore, this kind of idea of Joe Flacco there doesn’t work.

Well, now remove Joe Flacco. Lamar Jackson, RG3. You can say they have similar skill sets. So when you rebuild this offense and rebuild the team around Lamar Jackson, if Lamar Jackson goes out, RG3 can come in. And you don’t have to do the radical overhaul of the offense. For so long, when you’ve had [INAUDIBLE] quarterbacks or mobile play makers, if he gets hurt, the backup doesn’t have the same skill set. Well now in Baltimore, potentially, you have a quarterback one and a quarterback two, they have similar skill sets. So now the offense can run as scheduled.

– Yeah, here’s what’s going to happen. So Flacco is one. They didn’t know at the time before the Super Bowl run if they were going to go with Flacco, because he drove them crazy. Then he wins the Super Bowl, they pay him. So here, he’s driven them crazy since then. Now, next year is his last guaranteed year.

I think, to your point, Bucky, they’ve been burned by him. They’re not going to do it again. They know what Joe Flacco is, which is a guy who can turn it on and be magic, but it’s situational. He’s not obsessed like Russell Wilson. He’s not obsessed like Brady. I think they’re moving on to Lamar.

– Oh, absolutely. They’re going to move on. He’s in his last year. They don’t have any long-term time commitment. And also, what they’ve seen is– they gave Joe Flacco 20+ million dollars. So when you start paying the quarterback $20 million dollars, you begin to expect the quarterback to mask all the other flaws. Because I’m paying you to be the Febreze. You’re the deodorizer to make sure that all the other stuff that stinks–

– And he’s not.

–you mask. He doesn’t do that. And so for the Baltimore Ravens, look, if Joe Flacco plays we’ll this year, great. They give him a parting gift, they move on. Lamar Jackson is the future for the Baltimore Ravens as their starting quarterback.

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