Ben Simmons is on board with Colin Cowherd’s 76ers bet

– Oh, this is getting so good. I’m so excited for tonight, Colin. Do you know why?

– Why? (LAUGHING) Why?

– (LAUGHING) You look nervous. Because the Sixers could get their 40th win, which means that tomorrow– or whatever day we get the jersey– and Joel Embiid, if you’re watching, we still need you to send the jersey for you to wear. I want you to wear Joel Embiid’s specific jersey.

And now, Ben Simmons is in on this whole thing. So I told you yesterday about Embiid liking that tweet. Here’s Ben Simmons liking the tweet.

– Oh, Ben. Ben, I was–

– You’re saying the Sixers are one win away. Oh, this from “The Herd” account, not you.

– By the way, Ben Simmons, I was supportive of you. When people were criticizing Ben at LSU, I supported Ben Simmons.

– Right. And so why is this a negative thing? He wants you to wear his team’s jersey. That’s just feeling the love back. This is perfect.

– So who do they play?

– And just for the record, let’s put up the– they’ll play the Grizzlies tonight–

– Oh, god, they’re terrible!

– –who are 19 and 51.

– God!

– I’m not happy about that. I’m just happy about– I think they’re going to lose. And you’re going to have to wear the jersey. So this is the tweet that Embiid liked. I’m so excited about this!

I’m surprised we haven’t gotten a jersey yet for you. So when are you going to wear it? I have to be here, by the way.

– If I have it– are you here tomorrow?

– Yes.

– OK. If I get it tomorrow– a Sixers jersey– I like the white one.

– That’s, like, impossible. They’d have to send it right now.

– Well, we could buy one in town.

– I know. But I kind of– can it an Embiid one?

– I don’t know. I don’t– I’ve never worn a jersey.

MAN: I feel like we should get a custom one.

– I’ve never worn a jersey in my life.

MAN: I’m thinking, like, Cowherd on the back, the number 40.

– How about The Process?

– Yeah! That’s a good idea.

– Oh, The Process.

– I’ll put The Process.

– Yes.

– Because I make fun of The Process.

– Yes, The Process on the back, 40 on the front. We need that by tomorrow.

– I’ll be kicking it with my 40.

WOMAN: Can I– I want to wear one too, actually.

– Does that sound pretty street? I’ll be kicking it with my 40?

– That’s a beer, isn’t it– like a 40?

COLIN COWHERD: I think it is, isn’t it?

– I think it’d be “a 40,” not mine.


– You have– you can buy more than one.


– Not– yeah– my specific 40. We could probably get you one.

– Yeah, you know what I don’t like about this? I don’t like a couple of pro athletes– I don’t like– suddenly ganging up on me. I’m not a big fan of this.

– Oh, they’re ganging up on you? How does that feel?

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, I’m not a big fan of this.

– Next, it’s going to be Westbrook who wants me to wear his jersey.

– OK, I’ll watch the Sixers. My Twitter account’s going to go–

– I’m so excited. I’m really, really excited for tonight.

COLIN COWHERD: –beserk tonight.

– I have to go to a dinner. But I’ll make sure it’s on the TV in the background.

ANNOUNCER: “The Herd” live news.

– Yeah, I’m not going on Twitter tonight.

WOMAN: Yes, you are.

– Because I guarantee you, the minute that game’s over, my Twitter account’s going to literally be in flames

WOMAN: You know what I’m going to–

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