American team no match for the National team as NFL prospects square off in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Here in Pasadena, California, it’s the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl from the Rose Bowl. Fantastic day. Feels like football weather. A little chill in the air. But a little college football for you after the season. Why not?

– This is when players show up. That’s when players show up. So let’s do your thing today, all right? You got the defense going to be going over here. Offense over here, over there. All right. Let’s do it.

– Let’s get it.


KEVIN BURKHARDT: And they’ll throw it on first down. Pressure. Hit as he throws. Tipped. And it is– they say intercepted by Genard Avery. And indeed, it is. So on the first play, there’s an interception. And American takes over.

Well, here’s a look at some of the practice. I’m talking about right in the middle of practice here. Through some GoPro cams on some helmets, and you come away with that.

– I’m serving up pancakes, not players. Come on over here. Bring your own syrup. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Man, they’re eating peanut butter sandwiches.

You guys enjoy that breakfast I just served up on them platters for you, huh? Did you have to break stride ever? No, I don’t think so. You’re crazy.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Jon Kitna, the offensive coordinator for the National team. Apparently, Joel, very hungry this morning.

– Don’t be in a hurry when you play.

– I gotcha.

– [INAUDIBLE] slow down, yeah.

– Yep.

– You see how fast things will get you on a– when you first get in there, we’ll try and get you some quick throws.

– I can go with whatever.

– 12 or something like that. Well, it’s good to get off–

– I gotcha.

– –a slant or something like that.

– OK.

– And then we’ll get going, OK? All right, let’s double left, double left, 70 Macho, OK?

KEVIN BURKHARDT: How about a little ref cam? That’s what we like to call it. It down. Make the call. Make the play. Scoreless game from Pasadena.

First score of this game. We are going to get it. It’s a touchdown. They give it to the fullback Daniel Marx. And Petros is a happy man.

PETROS PAPADAKIS: –that fullback. Wears a great number, too. Best offensive lineman Stanford had all year.

JOEL KLATT: Daniel Marx. Boy, I tell you what, he’s had a good week, too, from a fullback perspective. Obviously, you’re not going to measure his production. But does he come in there? Is he physical in the run game? Can he pass protect? Does he catch the ball out of the backfield? And he has checked all of those boxes.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: And check this out. For Marx, it’s the first time he’s ever scored in his entire collegiate career. So there you go.

JOEL KLATT: Come on, David Shaw. What’s– he’s giving all the love to Bryce Love? Can’t give a little Daniel Marx’s way?

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Oh, what do we have here?

JOEL KLATT: That’s the Luis Perez cheering section. He’s playing quarterback right now. He started the game. Texas A&M Commerce, which were Division II national champs. He was the Harlon Hill Trophy award winner. Best Division II player in the country. And we’ll see if he can get a little work in here in the waning moments.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: You know, it’s actually– I know, Joel, you’ve stated multiple times that you like You like some of his tools, as he gets drilled there. And he fumbles there. And it’s picked up by the National squad, Frankie Herron, who’s rumbling, and finds his way into the end zone.



KEVIN BURKHARDT: Once the big man scores, it’s all over.

JOEL KLATT: Oh, yeah, that’s– clear the benches. Clear the benches. Abdul Anderson from Bucknell is number 92. He’s the one that caused the strip. Stripped the ball. And then gotta love it.

Frank Herron from LSU. Five-star recruit out of high school. Never really materialized into kind of a five-star dynamic as a player for LSU, but now trying to make it at the next level. And that’s a big play there.


KEVIN BURKHARDT: It was such a big play, the entire team came down to congratulate him. It’s just awesome.

ANNOUNCER: Any time one of the big fellas gets to score, you got to go down there. You got to be part of that, right? Everybody wants to be a part of that.

– You told me you were [INAUDIBLE]. That’s why they came!

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