Alvin Kamara reveals what he told Marcus Williams after last week’s loss in Minnesota

– Where were you sitting during this, when this play happened?

– I was sit– I was on the bench. I was actually standing up, and I’m looking up at the Jumbotron. And I’m like, OK, I mean, it’s 10 seconds. You know, we got the game. And I saw that and it’s like, man. It’s one of those things, it kind of rips your heart out your chest a little bit.

COLIN COWHERD: Oh, my god.

– I just started– I mean, you know, I just started walking off the field.

COLIN COWHERD: What was the locker room like?

– I mean, we– it’s speechless, you know? Because if you– you never in a million years think that with 10 seconds left and, you know, we come back from this deep hole that we dug ourselves in the first half. You know, come all the way back and be able to put ourselves in a position to win, you know, you’ll never think that’ll happen.

COLIN COWHERD: Was it angry or was it silence?

– It was more silence, you know. It was more silence. I wouldn’t say anger. It was just, like, one of those, wow.

– Did Sean Payton say anything?

ALVIN KAMARA: Oh, yeah, he did. You know, he just said he was proud of us, and you know, he loved us. And you know, I mean, it’s unfortunate, but you know, it’s football.

– How about Marcus Williams, the young defensive back?


– Crushing for him.

ALVIN KAMARA: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was hurt. He was hurt about it. But you know, I mean, that’s the one thing about our team, I think, that makes us different. We all care about each other. So you know, guys were picking him up.

And I went up to him and I– you know, I told him, I was like, it’s not your fault, you know. I mean, I told him. I literally– I picked his shoulder pads up. He had his head down. I picked him up, like. And I was like, keep your head up.

I was like, what did you do earlier? He said, I caught a pick. I said, all right, you know what I’m saying, you helped us to get to where we had an opportunity to win the game. You know, so I was like– I mean, it’s football. It happens. I was like, move past it.

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